:equestriasocial: Equestria.Social information (message you can send to users who ask :
"Iget error 500 whil I post image" or something like that.

I didn't plan to have so many users in this short time, the server is a little bit overloaded (it's more due to the storage badwidth limit), so I work on that with :
* removing services that I can easily moved to another server without problems
* Trying to clean the server storage (the server have a big history of activity)

* Upgrade to newer version of Mastodon to finally move it to a clean server
* Take a more robust server especially for the storage.

So please be patient, I'm alone to manage the server and it take time to do everything.

Also, if it return an error 500, try it later, the server can't manage your request now. Read the whole thread for more explanations.

@C_Chell Do you need help with moderating or do you already have a team to do that?

@TwilySparky I plan to reinforce the team on this weekend, I already have some name for that, I need to discuss with them before announce anything.

Upgrade to a new server sounds promising!

Sounds like it might be time to mention that people can donate money via this LiberaPay link off the main page?

@SweetAIBelle Thank you, even if the donation won't boost the migration, it will help to get a biffy server.
Don't forget, Internet services are not free/cheap, the current server is 30€/month it's very cheap for this configuration, migrate to a server with hardware raid and SSD will cost at least 120 to 180€/month.

When the instance was in low usage, it's not financiary useful to rent a server at 150€/month, but now, this is totally what it needs to be.

@C_Chell @SweetAIBelle you can get dedicated hardware for 50€/month. It isn't that expensive. But in case of with the current growth you might as well invest in bigger equipment.

Perhaps also an idea would be to use multiple dedicated machines so that services don't block each other with IO.

I have still to think, yesterday, I think "Yeah I have to get a new server for the workload", but with Elon Musk, I didn't have the time I think I have.

@C_Chell @interru
Yeah, I don't think any of us were expecting him to run Twitter to the ground this quickly...

@C_Chell @SweetAIBelle yeah it's incredible how fast and effectively Elon Musk destroys twitter.

@C_Chell #3 might help with #2, apparently 4.0 includes more automatic cleanup options

@TimeSpinner I have too many things to do, and I think to take a week of payed holidays to work on the server more intensively.
I don't know if it's possible or not, I need to talk with my manager.

@C_Chell hey, we are thankful for everything and especially for you!!
I can offer to help donate with money or even moderation/reporting if the team needs any help :

@C_Chell Will putting EQS behind a CDN (like Cloudflare) reduce the load by offloading the static files? Would also somewhat increase load times if the user's not in Europe.

@edchdx I have to do it in a way or another, as personal matter, I don't like centralized CDN (like Cloudflare), nobody can know what they really do on your connexions.
But it's something I have in mind.
I already have the architecture for some CDN type, but I need to make it clear if it's possible or not (bigger problem : the size of the medias).

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