My general disdain for 'Ha ha. We're so clever. Let's misspell things we don't like.' is not affected by which side of a divide I'm on.

From the desk of Princess Cadence:

We hope everypony had a happy Hearts & Hooves Day yesterday

FYI, @Luna is still recovering from the . She should raise a large waning gibbous tonight as usual, so there is no need for alarm.


The day after the team scheduled a is one of our favorite times of the year! All that fresh reflects our beautiful and the ice decorated the world with millions of refractive ornaments.

@USBloveDog @yourfavegay @lyrabon @Celestia All I can add is that G4 comes from a fine lineage where romance is barely limited by species, reproduction is not limited by biology, and at least one established herd leader assumes different pronouns from time to time while flying a pride flag for a mane.


After learning that "vore" is an abbreviation of "carnivore," I have a favor to ask the furry community: just for a day, could you pretend that it's an abbreviation of "herbivore" and draw your fursonas eating nutritious, heart-healthy, plant-based meals and pretend it's a kink?

🍬 The celebrate a that is remarkably similar to our . They call it , and it has evolved from the earlier primitive holiday entitled . The traditional greeting during this time of year is “Happy Honda Days!” 🍬

Tonight is Luna’s favorite night of the year (or it should be if it’s not cloudy)

Why is the sky full of clouds when today is supposed to be the Sun-Day?

The shorter daylight hours of the winter mean that we do not post as much these days. Our dear sister hates social media because it involves typing and that is a difficult activity for us ungulates, so you won’t see too many of her posts.

Bunnies are adorable in carefully trimmed and cropped videos but please think very hard before considering getting one. What you see is not what you get.

They are complex to keep, not nearly as docile as most think, are a 10yr commitment, and in the UK alone a whopping *75%* end up neglected or in bad health from poor care. #bunnies #rabbits

Taking a stroll through the Canterlot Royal Archives

A Snouts.Online moderator deserves a Snouts.Online welcome and a proper emoji to show how adorable they are. <3

Make sure not to give @GlitterDisaster too much trouble. Rumor has it that she can extend her neck straight into your window and headbutt you!

What does a post-isolationist fantasy society look like when you eliminate the convenient racial disparity included to fake a sense of unknowability? No "elf kingdom", no "human lands", no "Orc strongholds" or "halfling forest" or other shit. Everyone lives everywhere. Societies are made of its people. The structures of culture are made of traditions that are adopted, not inherited.

So much time has passed even the constructed artifice of 'the unknowable society of xxx' is gone.

Life + 70 years is already an overlong copyright term that suppresses creativity. Forcing it on other countries through trade agreements is a big mistake. source:

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