Hot air balloons, the safe and completely steerable form of transportation. Particularly well suited for pointy creatures like unicorns 🎈🦄

Easy cooking tip from an Iranian-American guy 

Galarian Ponytas have the best legwarmers ever. Flashdance art when


My default setting is optimism with a dash of mistrust in mob mentality, so this was me too. I was very clearly mistaken.


This tweet is a safe place amid the chaos and fear of the rest of your timeline.

Pause in the dream for a moment and catch your breath.

And take that moment of peace with you when you go.

[ art: - ]

My little @lyrabon,

Our immigration specialists have determined:
1. He is welcome here. If the standard forms do not let him in, we may use our position as the princess to approve his passage.
2. They don't think a pony with a Y chromosome can make the transport. Perhaps he could be gelded, but that seems unacceptable since there is no guarantee that it will work.

Yours truly,
Princess Celestia

Dear Princess @Celestia,

Can you ask your department if there is a way to get an XXL earth pony to migrate to for a few seasons? We can massively improve the life of a with some time in the company of Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Does bringing him through require a escort because he’s an earth ? Can he physically fit, as he is roughly your size? Does transportation work on ponies with a Y ?

— Agent 🅱️


A gift from my older sister to me, commission from

It's so warm, loving, and kind. Makes my feel all fuzzy inside. My deepest gratitude to both my sister and the artist.

Doing a sunrise from pure horn memory since it’s cloudy today.


恭禧发财!! 新年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year everyooone!! have a kirin in that new style totally loving the festivities.


*sets up his free hugs booth on the tl, sits all prim and proper*

Today was a beautiful day to graze and enjoy our winter coat! Yesterday was cold, even with a blanket and wool fly mask on.

Someone went and practiced transfiguration magic and hit our dear sister instead of the ficus they were supposed to target. We restored our sister to her usual form after taking this photograph.

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