About the only tip I have for people landing here post-birdsite is the habit of defensively misspelling/obfuscating terms is not just unnecessary here but harmful.

Search is harder to do due to the federated nature, being a search-botting reply-guy is harder to do. However a lot of people can and do mute hot-button words for their own health.

If you think you need to obfuscate to prevent discovery there's probably a better privacy tool to deploy.

« Since my wrist is still busted, here's some old, experimental art I did like a year ago cos I needed a new custom phone case but never actually posted for some reason.
(For my furry followers, hang tight. I'll draw some fur stuff soon as I can!)
t.co/jmXVsd3SJO »
— Retweet twitter.com/anticular/status/1

A rabbits diet should be mostly made up of hay and leafy vegetation.

Bugs Bunny popularised the idea that rabbits eat carrots because he did as a cigar thing.

Ergo, irl Bunny Furries in present day would be only now moving past the generational effects of kids thinking for decades that they can get away with only eating carrots.

indefinite lifespans, external link and nothing else 


> Celestia reached out from her balcony with her divine magic, stirring the cosmos and bringing the dawn forth for the... millionth time? Billionth? Trillionth? In truth she had lost count long ago. Most ponies, she knew, thought of her immortality as a curse or at best a mixed blessing.

> They were wrong. Living forever was amazing.

Instead of investing in new warfare equipment that won’t be here in time anyway, think about how many russian soldiers can you bribe into deserting for€


How did the CAPS TUNR OF? Need farrier visit.

Dear Sister!!!!!

We hath noticed a post of yours has gone viral after four years of dormancy.

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Equestria.Social (EQS) est une instance Mastodon pour tous les fans de poneys, créée pour fédérer les Bronies et Pegasisters voulant rejoindre le "fediverse", et ceux déjà présents ! Mais nous sommes ouverts à tous !

Equestria.Social (EQS) is a Mastodon instance for all pony fans, created to federate Bronies and Pegasisters wanting to join the fediverse, and those already present ! But we are opened to everyone !

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