Yes, the better your fabric or paper mask seals, the more effective it is, but we're talking very small margins. If you want to take the extra time to get that tiny little boost, good on you! But not doing that is not "wearing masks wrong"

Let's reserve "wrong" for people whose masks are not covering both nose and mouth completely, yeah?

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Nothing I love more than a forest tunnel. Love me a good forest tunnel

I remember a graphic like this (recreated) but I can't remember where I found it and googling has failed.

Anyway I feel like it's a useful thing to have to explain to people how to be, like, the very least bit politically strategic. You can't just oppose everyone who's not you and expect to have any success.

this isn't even half of it

the trees also evolved thorns
so giraffes got long tongues to get around those

trees started to communicate - when chewed on, they released a chemical that tells same trees to become poisoned
so giraffes started to eat always against the direction of wind

We can see clearly now: the rain is gone. Today is a bright, bright, bright, bright sunshine day!

@rockario I don’t get the joke here. Tagging people with just their name and no comment is annoying and I want people to stop doing it when I’m involved.

It’s a bright bright bright bright sun-shiny day!

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