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Heya, I'm here cause I saw others coming here. Might as well spread my content to more places. I also love ponies, and meeting other pony fans.

Yeah, this random thought was from seeing @scrimmy's post, lol. Realize they saw this...XD

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Random selfie. Just got my hair redyed today. Yes, it's snowy outside. I live in Canada, hehe,

What's with the notification sounds. It scared me, lol. When I have this open in another tab and just hear that strange sound XD

I thought my art was terrible at first, but eh, it's growing on me.

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Like, there's a specific feed for ponies and if I post non pony stuff, it'll still be put in the pony feed and people looking for pony content will get flooded with non pony content, lol, and it'll be harder for people who want to see that different type of content to find me cause I'm not in the feeds for that content, just ponies, lol.

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But then again, it helps me find all the pony people easier, and helps me be more interactive with specifically the mlp community....

I feel like I need to make more accounts for different things to get the most out of this social media site, lol...

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The one thing I don't like about this is like, I'm stuck as a pony account, when I'm not just a pony content creator, but whatever, ponies are the best fandom XD

I hope Twitter doesn't die. I had 17,000 followers, lol. (I also had an account with 40,000)

Heya, I'm here cause I saw others coming here. Might as well spread my content to more places. I also love ponies, and meeting other pony fans.

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