The Reindeer Spell YCH

The Gift Givers of the Grove need your help giving out gifts for a very special Hearths Warming Eve! They have lended you some Reindeer magic to boost your gift-giving speed.
$15 Christmas YCH! Please DM me if interested. This YCH will be closed by Dec 10th.

Bat wing version is available.
I will be juggling these with Discord Commissions, so I'll get these done as I'm able!

Well so far my quest to find my mutuals from Twitter haven’t been as hard as I thought. Still a long way to go however but I’m getting the hang of this little by little. Still appreciate the reboosting from you all (That’s going to take getting use to saying heh) 💜

prolly gonna stream tonight, keep an eye out for the notif

(I like that I feel like I can post links on here and they won't get suppressed lol)

Nurse Redheart, wishing you and your feeds good health. ❤️ Remember to take good care of yourself during these stressful times!

FYI to all artists and art enjoyers, YOU CAN TURN OFF IMAGE CROPPING ON MASTODON!!!

Go to
> Preferences
> Appearance
> Post Layout

And you'll see the option to turn off cropping!

Boost to help artists!!!

Trans rights are human rights, click boost. :transgenderflag:

The first post on this site we'll see what happens.

Might post some art of my sona in the meantime.

Help me find my horse frens.

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Equestria.Social (EQS) est une instance Mastodon pour tous les fans de poneys, créée pour fédérer les Bronies et Pegasisters voulant rejoindre le "fediverse", et ceux déjà présents ! Mais nous sommes ouverts à tous !

Equestria.Social (EQS) is a Mastodon instance for all pony fans, created to federate Bronies and Pegasisters wanting to join the fediverse, and those already present ! But we are opened to everyone !

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