Oh my god, a fad I can latch on to.

What am I to you?

These are the thoughts I have while lying in bed.

Would @kosmosearthchan@twitter.com get offended if someone sung "It's a Small World" in front of his face?

Christmas may be just another "meh" thing to me now, but I do still prefer winter over summer. I'll take the cold over literally sweating to death, thanks.

On a more positive note, I hit 2 million total video views, which is awesome 🎉

Thanks to everyone who watches my silly horse videos. :P

I just got to 9,000 subscribers. You better not push me back down below that.

Well, that DLC was easy. :D

Was fun, but felt like it was a little short. Would recommend for all the credits you can get though. :P

I found Hug Horse's cutie mark... Is he hidden in this DLC? 🤔

Crimson must protect the space pone until he grows up to be the cute, dorky planet pone he was destined to be.

Artist is @CrazyCakesune@twitter.com, and this was commissioned by @lav_sunrise@twitter.com.

Thanks to both of you! <3

Crimson drinking a giant cup of tea in the morning.

How many cows would be required to provide the milk needed for that cup? :D

The best thing about playing Forza Horizon 4 is that I can pretend that I'm rich, and have hundreds of cars in my possession.

Yes, all 518 cars in my garage are unique cars. No silly duplicates (unless you count the Forza Edition cars). :D

What kind of world are we living in, where a DC movie AND a Transformers movie both have Fresh scores on Rotten Tomatoes?

Instead of subscribing to PewDiePie, why not subscribe to me? I make good videos, promise.


all i want for christmas

is to become a giant dork

Sticking with Patreon, we hit the $50 per video mark on there, which is pretty rad. Thanks to everyone who pledged. Let's keep the momentum going, eh? <3

I probably should point out that my Patreon is on a per video basis, not per month. So you don't need to worry about shelling out every month for me. :P


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