People are bashing Rockstar for insane "crunching" practices, and rightly so, but don't forget that these crunch periods are usually formed because higher-ups force developers to meet deadlines to boost their own financial reports.

Shit should be thrown at Take Two as well.

I've won all the races, purchased all the houses, completed all the PR stunts, got all the collectibles, and unlocked all the achievements (except that one glitched achievement, ugh).

I think it's safe to say I've seen all of what Forza Horizon 4 has offered. :P

The future is uncertain, nobody knows,
About what will happen, or where the wind blows.
But the two friends never minded about expectancies,
As long as they shared their sheltered destinies.

It hasn't been perfect, nothing ever is,
They sometimes argued, about that and this.
In the end though, they always remained together,
Weathering the storm, forever and ever.

From two ends of the Earth, this shouldn't have been,
But along came an outcome no-one could have seen.
The two quickly bonded, becoming best friends,
Being at each other's side, all the way to the end.

Through two walks of life, whence we came,
We seemed so different, and yet, the same.
Each having our own goals, ideals, and dreams,
Life is uncertain, and never as it seems.

And I'm pretty sure I only bought, like, 10 cars max.

The rest, I won through wheelspins and stuff. :D

What if you were big for a day, but there were no consequences for your actions?

So at the end of the day, time rewinds 24 hours, as if nothing had ever happened?

What would you do?

gonna go to bed soon

if you want to be a plushie for the night, speak up now

I know you'd usually expect cute pony pictures, or just random, nonsensical posts from me.

But behind all the words and pictures, I'm still a human, trying to get by.

Trying to be happy.

I'm surviving, but your support is always appreciated. I have Patreon and Ko-Fi accounts (which you probably have seen), and I have video commissions available right now.

Thanks for reading. <3

If I ever lash out at you in the future, it's most likely that I don't really mean it. My situation isn't great, and it may spill out into any conversation at any time.

If it does, I'm sorry in advance.

I've been unable to get a job recently due to my terrible social anxiety, as well as my remote location. I've been trying to find my own ways of making money, but they haven't exactly been fruitful.

It feels like I'm banging against a brick wall.

Real talk.

I'll admit that the state of my mental health has been declining recently. I'm having more spouts of depression, anxiety, and anger. My self-deprecation is getting worse. I've had a lot more suicidal thoughts recently.

It's not been great.

If your only reason for following me is that I might follow you back...

Prepare to be disappointed. :P

one of my tweetdeck tabs is reserved specifically for a dork

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