New stream highlights video is up! Was this simulated race more exciting than the actual race?

(Spoiler: yes.)

>everyone says discord is down
>can access it just fine


Also, I started Adventure Mode on the hard difficulty, and it's kicking my assssssssssssssssssssssss

But I've beaten the harder difficulties on Mario Kart, I can beat this too. :D

So I found out that you actually can reverse in CTR... by holding the left stick back.

Okay. :D

Also, if you want eventful F1 racing...


Well, that was an uneventful :D

Here are the standings for the simulated and actual championships. Ricciardo's penalty has been taken into consideration too. :P

You have to wonder how the stewards make relatively quick decisions during the race, but after the race, they love to take their time.

I know decisions have to be on-the-spot during the race, but the Ricciardo incident is getting a little out of hand now.

Some might say I'm overthinking again, but the thought keeps cropping up.

Where do I actually belong in this community?

I guess there's also this feeling of me being a sort of lone wanderer in the community.

I don't really have somewhere to call "home", and, well, I have no-one but myself to blame for that.

Seeing that production on the horse show has officially ended, I feel... empty about it all.

Like, it's an end of an era, sure, and I wouldn't be where I am now, for better or worse, if it wasn't for FiM.

At the same time though, we gotta move on, and look to the future.

Going live with GTA: San Andreas! We're breathing some fresh air in the countryside. Enjoy it while it lasts. :P


It's Saturday, so we're heading back to the hood. Except we're in the countryside now. So it's all kinda familiar for me.

4pm BST, 11am ET and 8am PT! <3

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