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(Singing in 5/4 time)

Mars is really bright tonight and our sister is sleeping in!

Was the #pegasus in #Endgame a #mare or a #stallion or a #gelding??????

@Celestia @Luna @lyrabon Does anypony have the answer????????????? The movie did not contain enough #plot for me to make that distinction on my own.

P.S. This is Bon from @lyrabon with an important addendum (now that Lyra is done transliterating the Royal Canterlot Voice into excessive #hashtags and CAPS and exclamation points) 

If you want to send some letters (be it fan-mail or a steamy love letter) to our Martian rovers, please plan on at least 25 extra minutes before you receive a response. They are extra-busy this time of year, so you cannot be impatient and demand they reply at the speed of light.

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Please, if you like this toot, don't just favorite it, boost it!

In return I promise I'll collect all the replies, pick the cherries, categorize the lot... and toot about it for everyone to enjoy!

Deal? 👍

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@Luna has raised a very large and full tonight. This means it is time for us to go off-duty for the evening, eat dinner, then retire to our royal bedchambers.

RE/LB: Everypony should go outside tonight and enjoy our full moon! It is extra beautiful!!

As we took our pre-bedtime walk around the castle grounds, we say that @Luna was preparing a particularly grand full moon behind the trees. Nocturnal ponies should enjoy it if the weather permits.

Do not forget to brush your unicorn friends. They really like when people brush them. Plus, it makes them very fabulous ✨

Even with the #airplanes leaving #chemtrails, we can see the #moon clearly in the blue sky.

Princess @Luna, how does this work?

You are getting very sleepy (unless you’re Princess @Luna)

*sudden outburst of augmented chords and whole tone harp glissandi while I lower the sun and cover Equestria in the beautiful colors of the *

Instead of using a #pipe delimiter, why not use a #bong delimiter instead?

#regex #delimiter

LB: who doesn't like ?

POniez like 2 replace our normal with lettuce in the Royal Gaurden.

Cooking With Charizard S01E01: Pot Brownie Recipe (Ozone Brownies) 

At long last, the world premier of #CookingWithCharizard! Today's episode is all about #Ozone brownies (with the implication that these #brownies are full of #pot, #weed, and #marijuana), so it's technically about #baking (#BakingWithCharizard? Either way, I'm a fire-type and therefore an #expertchef by default)

⅓ cup #flour
¼ #teaspoon baking #powder
3 #tablespoons #shortening (#butter works fine)
¾ #cup sugar (#brown works #great)
Dash of #salt
2 tablespoons #corn syrup
1 beaten #egg
1 #square baking #chocolate
1 #tablespoon #vanilla (no #kink)
¾ cup chopped #nuts (#optional)
A #coffee grinder half #full, finely #ground

The #cornsyrup seems to be key to the whole thing.
There is no #need to #clean the #active #ingredient, just #stuff it in there #whole.
Make a pot of coffee afterwards without cleaning the #grinder (use of #grindr is optional).

Mix shortening, #sugar, corn #syrup, & egg;
#Sift in flour, #bakingpowder, & salt;
#Stir in #chocolate and #everything else.
Put in #greased 8" #pan (#glass is #best),
#Bake 20 #minutes at 350°F,
Let #cool.
Cut into 8 pieces,
#test #carefully.



#Audio #montage (#JCHF #podcast #episode) starring myself (both my usual self and as @MCX after #snorting a #megastone for that #mega #evolution #voice), Princesses @Celestia and @Luna, @USBhump , @carcetti2020, #Wario, @omar_pony, @Wishbone, @USBloveDog, both ponies of @lyrabon, @raikou's spark, @lapras with suggestions to the montage guys, @realjdw, Cap'n #JackSparrow, @portpupper, and about an additional half-dozen accessories to the crime from the communities of #nerds throughout the #Midwest #USA.
(edited together by some folks who I do not believe are on #Masto)

Original #jerkcity (what with the #boners, #MS #Comic #Chat, #JimWoodring #ComicChat and all):


I'll post this with #LaTeX source as a separate #roar and hope I can convince @fast_food to start serving these soon. The added #searchability from all the #hashtag #spam should help.

We sincerely hope you all enjoyed our performance last night

We apologize for the lack of correspondence recently we have been very busy with our princessly duties

Had a lovely time indulging in fantasy with some more of the Royal entourage

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