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I really have the best friend imaginable, he always manages to get me happy even when I'm feeling depressed. I don't know if he will see this one day but, thank you Basset.

I don't mind the button to put the comments on the side, that's a good idea but the description change...

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Thanks YouTube, hiding the description is clearly a good idea apparently.

My internet has been less than decent today. At least stuff loads even if it's super slow 😓

Remember, 2FA is important. Remember to use an open source app and one that makes backups in case something goes wrong!

Just had a nightmare and it's still night here, hate it.

Vent, health problems 

I feel like my heart is gonna explode at any moment, I feel like I can't take it anymore. I'm feeling like complete garbage today and my health isn't making it better.
My psychologist appointment also had to be moved, I hate it.

Did some stuff, eat some chocolate, and now I'm feeling kinda bad.

So now is officially bed time (for a bit).

Time for my monthly listen of bo en's plastic platform.


Well you did leave now, for a while at least.

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I feel like I'm the source of most of your problems. Why don't you leave?

[] The Mastodon android app is kinda weird. It works but I think I'm still gonna keep using Tusky.

Look at my desktop not knowing what to do is my favorite pastime.

This day really went downhill fast, and all because of me.

Testing the official Mastodon android app. Loads kinda slow hehe
Also with all this news about Twitter, I saw Mastodon being trending, that's kinda cool ^^

The last days have been better, I had a lot more fun with my friend and I feel happier overall ☺️
I'm so happy right now thinking about it, I really have the best friend.


Still feeling sad about something that happened some weeks ago, I shouldn't have gotten involved and I should read instead of acting impulsively. It's all my fault.

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