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EQD Equestria Daily @MirrorEQD@equestria.social

New Post: Pony Community Soapbox #77 - Dragon Ages, Division of Labor, Equestria Girls Geodes, and more! ift.tt/2sSvi3y t.co/J4FCqT9Vao

New Post: Halloween Themed "An Egg-Cellent Costume Party" Golden Book Listed ift.tt/2CHlNUq t.co/viay4c30qH

New Post: Mega Compilation Album Ponies At Dawn: Rebirth Available For Pre-Order [Releasing March 2nd]! ift.tt/2olBhcE t.co/RD6QSIhWwZ

New Post: Comic: Snow Mare / Sweater / Claws / Dog / Tornado 1:3 / Merriment ift.tt/2EMDh7P t.co/UPssCQAN4k

New Post: Music: Jyc Row - Flamethrone Legacy (feat. Black Gryph0n & Michelle Creber) [Orchestral] ift.tt/2HGQb5e t.co/SWxm3i7BqP

New Post: Editorial: Subtle Double-take: Why Didn’t They​ Write Each Other? ift.tt/2FqOg45 t.co/0BvYXqWACh