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Some new references to serve as a temporary pin on here. A new more permanent pinned post will happen once more versions are made. Artwork is by cherrycandii on Twitter.

Some new references to serve as a temporary pin on here. A new more permanent pinned post will happen once more versions are made. Artwork is by cherrycandii on Twitter.

Cell service was horrible while out today so I didn't get to say this MLP section is in the Toys R Us section at a local Macy's.

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Follower Art Raffle. Holiday Edition! To participate you must:

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3 winners will be chosen: 1st will be Twitter, 2nd will be here, and 3rd will be on Tumblr! You cannot win more than once! Good Luck!

An abandoned three family house I was in back in 2018. Despite being on the list of properties to be demolished that year, it would be spared this fate and, as of 2021, was remodeled and has people residing in it once again.

Waiting for the day Posey gets back at Izzy for all the problems she has caused because Izzy deserves it.

Yeah, I'm not making a Hive account. Not only does it barely function, but it doesn't even have a web interface, just mobile? Yeah, no. Even if it didn't just pop up overnight and worked perfectly, the lack of a web interface is a huge no for me. I'm only gonna be here and Twitter.

Oh right, since I saw Winter Wishday, I guess I should give some thoughts on it: It was fine, nothing special but nothing horrible. The bits with Alphabittle and Queen Haven I enjoyed at least.

A look at two abandoned and collapsing homes from 2012. They would be torn down some time later.

"Where's Misty during all the Winter Wishday celebrations?"

Probably being yelled at by Opaline the whole time.

Just saw something interesting in the Winter Wishday special but I'll hold off on posting it here for now. It can be seen on my Twitter though (which is linked on my profile here).

Oh right, I almost forgot that Winter Wishday comes out in a few hours.

A mostly collapsed two family home I was inside of (as much as I could anyway) back in 2015. It would be torn down in late 2016.

By this time next week, I probably won't be in the best state of mind. Not just because of the usual depressive spells I go through this time of the year, but because of other things that are bound to go down by then. I'll (probably) go more into it after the fact.

Seems some are having issues posting up images on here. I'd imagine it's due to the influx of new users. Hopefully it's an issue that's resolved soon.

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