TWF you come late to the drama and everypony is already shouting so much you can't tell who's upset about what.

Vampony hugs incoming! The 2020 ponyvania coin is ready to be manufactured for our patrons!

Designs for the 2020 Ponyvanian coins is just about finalized. The question of "heads or tails" is pretty literal this year.

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Making some real progress (finally) on the 2020 Ponyvania coin. With any luck it'll be going out to patrons over the summer like last year.

Been having a really hard time staying motivated in the lock down. Hope you're all staying safe.

I managed to get Dream Catcher, too though.
(Art by BetaVirus)

I got a surprise a couple days ago with a Potion R63 in my morning coffee. It was an interesting day, and I made the best of it.

New poster of our Princess of Lewd, made by our amazing NekoMellow

Dream is a cute little vampony, but I warn you. She's a hugger.

Dream is a cute little vampony, but I warn you. She's a hugger.

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Back from the last Bronycon. It’s the end of an era, but the fandom goes on. There’s another east coast con starting next year, and I’m realizing I’m not that far from Trotcon.

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