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Change of social media M.O.: I'll now use Mastodon as my main news outlet and my Hubzilla channel ( for longer posts.

GalaCon was delayed by one year. Good, that means the next deadline for having music ready won't approach that quickly.

I'll probably end up rushing through something in the nick of time when I should be asleep ("GalaCon") or finishing something in my hotel room when I should be at the convention ("Constellations") anyway.

Well, as long as I can get to the band rehearsal room to record vocals in the meantime until then...

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And this sophisticated sit-down with Phoebe & Her Unicorn, courtesy of #BillWatterson #CalvinandHobbes 4/4

And I'm at my hotel room. Managed to get to the hotel as intended, it started raining while I was in Haarlem in the afternoon, and it poured when I went to the pre-convention dinner. Worth it: Got to know a Swedish , met my third Israeli brony (before you ask, yes, one of the other two was Tombstone) and met BlackGryph0n for the third time.

What I did not manage to do (yet), however, was record the vocals to my current song, mix it and release it.

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And I'm on my way, yeah I'm on my way!

Started the con weekend like I pretty much always start them: too little sleep, packing frenzy, now I'm having a Swiss breakfast aboard a Swiss train.

And anybrony with a and too much money looking for a new audio recording system?
Universal Audio (coming soon)

(But don't blame me for pulling all-nighters.)

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Had some discussions in my fan server tonight and I thought I'd drop a screencap here, given everything that has been going on lately.

Take a trip down memory lane and go watch some of your favorite creators' first videos; you'll see what I mean. We're still going strong, folks~

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Brony Musician: I worked really hard on this pony song. It was inspired by Twilight’s ascension. I think you’ll really like it bec-

The fandom: Is it the LivingTombstone remix of discord?

Brony Musician: Well no but I-

The fandom:

Speaking of music, what's it with February 22nd? On 2/22 two years ago, I had two new song ideas. Sadly, I only managed to write one of them down. I had another one yesterday.

Then again, both are mere fragments for now.

I've booked my hotel room for yesterday. Better late than never.

Now the con can come.

Last thing to get done (except for packing on Thursday): some new music.

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Change of social media M.O.: I'll now use Mastodon as my main news outlet and my Hubzilla channel ( for longer posts.

, another !

I'm , but not new to the federated Social Web. I hope to be able to connect my account to this one soon.

A few words about me: I'm from . I'm in my early 40s. I've been a since spring 2011. Furthermore, I'm a hobbyist loving and sometimes making the way (with hardware and a lot of manual playing instead of clicking stuff together on a computer).

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