Classy times require classy personality and you're all my gems i cherish so dearly!

Every day of my life is appreciated thanks to all your support and that will never stop sparkling for me :raritywink:

Now time to replay Gemshard and bounce to the groove!

Always felt Rarity would be the one to let herself move to the rhythm and forget about formalities for once. We all gotta party and be in the moment.💜

Rarity drawing by: @ElusivePurple

Whatever goals you have your eyes set on, don’t let anything steer ya off the path to it.

It is your goal for a reason after all :raritystarry:

Be the powerhorse of your passion.

Nothing can stop your motivation to go forward and reach your dreams with dedication and confidence.

If there are obstacles, leap over them. You will get to the other side with a success :ajsmug:

Applejack by @ElusivePurple

Just had an all nighter inspiration, gosh i love these moments.

Let’s just say that another song is in works :coolphoto: 🎵

Your mental state is important, keep it in check 💜

We do so much good when our mind is in right place and with so many distractions we are being bombarded by on a daily basis, it takes a toll on us, so don’t let it get to ya :pinkiesmile: :pinkiesmile:

How do we manage to worry about things that are -

1. Too far in a frame of time to care about

2. Impossible to happen cause we make the worry up by lack of informations or assumptions that are based on fear

3. Are things that are actually manageable if it would come to it but the chance of it is so low a meteor would have to hit our head

Life is now and it is about enjoying it :ajsmug: 👌

Keep in mind that you don’t have to rush whatever you are working on unless it strictly requires that from ya.

If it’s your passion though, time is not your master.

It is done when you decide it’s done no matter what time frame :ajsmug:

Burger at 1 AM cause that is how we roll :coolphoto: 🍔

Yeeaaa baby! Getting nostalgic and it wasn't even that long ago.

Modtastisch released an animation collab around my song "Frenzy"

Love the variety and the fact people are having fun around the songs like that.

Excited for the release. What a powerful unit of an album this will be.

Stay tuned for it and may you enjoy the collab song called "White Noise" Me and Riff made when it's out!

Wanderlust Teaser -

Aim to be in a full control of your passion if you like to be the one person army

Nothing can top the feeling of having complete freedom in how you approach it and work it out :ajsmug:

Project your energy to the world! Move it, inspired it, connect it. Make it maaaad! :pinkiecrazy:

Cyberpink was such a crazy project and the Pinkie design was just 👌 💯

Pinkie Pie by: @ElusivePurple

Scraton :chk_c_u: boosted

Always do what you truly feel you want, not what others expect from ya.

Less u have to force yourself into something, the better it reflects on your mental health in a long run and your passion :raritystarry:

Nothing like catching up to your needs and relaxation. :pinkiesmile:

We all got our own ways to revitalize that energy and it’s worth it ⚡️

Don’t lose yourself in too much stress


Me: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! :raritystarry:

The RD's take on life be like - No matter what your goals are, the sky's the limit!

Wings always lift you past the obstacles and everything you do contributes to the whole result in the end.

Time to find your calling and enjoy the journey while you're at it.

"Sky's The Limit" Was another fun project to play with.

Rainbow Dash drawing by: @ElusivePurple

One day u beaming, the other u drained

Give it few hours, drinks, food and music to fix it all up :ajsmug:

Our moods are fragile and its okay to take it easy

Back in 2020 before the chaos began, there was a calm before the whole storm.

It felt assuring to be putting out songs which brought so much color to otherwise bleak year for many around the world.

Starting with Fluttershy, later part of the Mane 'O' Six EP

introducing a different design which was super fun to play with.

And with the help of @ElusivePurple

It was only a matter of time there was more coming down the line.

I value every project i work on without a doubt.

However if i could name few tracks i made that reached an incredible size of audience and touched a lot of people out there, one of them would certainly be Vinylicious.

The year was 2013 and let me tell ya, nothing better than seeing music blow up so much when you love doing it :twilightsmile: 💜

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