[End] As for now, I just like drawing my group of six do things. I'm still hoping to use this Mastodon instance to be more of an FiM fan than I am now, but who knows, maybe I can make some new friends here and show my talents to a new audience.

My name is Kirb. I like to make content for fun and I want to meet new faces to enjoy life with, and I don't want shame or bad judgement to bring me down for what I enjoy.

Have a great day.

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[7] I also have a YouTube playlist for hypothetical title cards and background music. Once again, still a work-in-progress, so there's not much there for now. I'm hoping to throw in some references for those who can detect them.


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[6] I don't want to spoil too much about this fan-fic's story yet, but if anybody's curious, I have a Twitter thread that gives a breakdown. Some of it might come off as weird and / or require a lot of context, but I'm trying my best to not let shame get to me.


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[5] For Twilight I've paired her with a human scientist named Necro Zera. Their backstory is tied to a fan-fiction idea I've been working on for a while as well. I want it to be a huge tribute to the countless ideas other FiM fans had, as well as broader internet media here and there.

1st image is the logo for this theoretical fan-fic, 2nd image is a group of shots from my larger animation.

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[4] The character I use most to represent myself is a green Shy Guy (Super Mario series) named Kade; he likes going on adventures with his three friends (pictured below: drawing of myself standing with them as a group photo). I'm hoping to write proper bios on them someday.

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[3] That being said, I also like to work my character ideas and story ideas into FiM, whether for a quick joke or larger drawing. Here's some examples... despite my bias for Twilight, haha.

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[2] I'm a big fan of custom characters and crossovers, so through these years I've put Twilight into larger story arcs. Currently there's an animation she'll be helping other characters in that I've been working on since 2021.

This means that I post more than just ponies, if that's alright.

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[1] so to start off my portfolio thread, here's some sketchbook drawings I have of Twilight Sparkle. I have my own headcanon that's been going for years and I made some small design changes (mane style, chest fluff) from preference.

However, the headcanon isn't *just* design changes...!

ok I think I got it now; the images must've been over 8 megabytes so they weren't uploading. I'll have to compress them.

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i need to do a quick test post to figure out file uploading because admittedly i'm a little confused lol

previews in the text box aren't showing up on mobile but i can't tell if that's intentional or not

Introduction post time.

Hi there, my name is Kirb. I'm a guy who likes crossovers and fan-fiction, and I joined here to get more into the FiM fandom. When I moved houses one day, I didn't have access to FiM on TV for years; I was cut off from early Season 4. I stuck to my own devices afterward but still enjoyed the characters and lore of FiM. By now I caught up with the show in full, and I hope to see how the fandom is doing these days.

Have a great day!

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