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It's feels great to get this video out after 7 months of distractions. Fortunately, I've already recorded the next part, so hopefully it won't take as long to get it out.

Hey does anyone know of a really good terminal that is also highly extensible?
Heres what I'm looking for
- Not called Kitty
- Not called Alacritty
- Not called Hyper
- Has tabs support
- Uses the window manager's title bar instead of drawing its own (preferably, not required)
- Has customizable colors
- Looks nice

Alright, been working on reinstalling my stuff for a while, time to crash.

Should've been done sooner, but I messed up and got rid of a local copy of a folder, and have to pull it from my server.


Minor Sonic Frontiers spoiler in thumbnail. 

So has finally finished processing my most recent part of my . It only took most of the night.

Edit: Reposting because of thumbnail issues.

drgn emojis v2.0 is now available :drgn_happy:

It was a complete overhaul using the knowledge I gained from creating the
:gphn: emojis. Better colors, adjusted character design, better shading, better expressions... :drgn_smol:

Something interesting I learned from Lunar Magic: the pipes in Super Mario World don't normally have any associated colour data. Every "screen" of 16 tiles, it just automatically changes the pipe colour to create variety.

Please don't recommend "just run your own server".

It's not a feasible thing to do for 99.99% of people and besides it doesn't solve moderation issues; it only subtly shifts moderation work around.

There are no technological solutions for social problems. Never have been, never will be.

Someone always has to do the hard work.

"Households already face soaring energy and food costs; the last thing they need, on top of everything else they have to contend with, is unaffordable rent rises and the fear of being evicted", says Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer

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