nsfw pony vore 

by Best Ponies:


Princess Celestia to Twilight Sparkle: "Mother eat their daughter day?"

Twilight Sparkle: "Yes... and you need to bring back Rainbow Dash... again."

(Forgot to add her cutie mark, but don't tell anyone! >.>)

nsfw pony vore 

by Best Ponies:



Princess Celestia to Rainbow Dash: "Why is this letter wet?"

Rainbow Dash: "Uhh... It came like that.. Oh and Twilight need you to bring her back."

(I didn't forget the CUTEIE MARK THIS TIME! *happy dance!*)

nsfw pony vore 

by doomfister:



After a few strong swallows Princess Luna finds herself the sole ruler of Equestria....

My eighty-ninth sketch from Silent_E 's patreon.

This consumptive coup was kindly coloured by my friend plaguetyranno .

If you would like to support me and vote in upcoming polls check out ...

nsfw pony vore 

by ElectricBug43:



*As she romped through the city, Twilight Sparkle noticed a bus boarding a few people. Twilight thought the driver must be either crazy, desperate or foolishly altruistic to let on passengers during such a crisis. After all,...

nsfw pony vore 


that time of night again, partys, food and wholesome games. for NMM its the perfect time to go mad on trick and treating, by tricking some randome ponies together and devoured them on the spot, they did not mind this, manly its tradition to be devored by NMM. they will be back in their beds once she...

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