nsfw pony vore 

by doomfister:


-e -3 -zapper

Multiple meals in a single sitting are no issue for the grey glutton, as Bug is an experienced equine eater, with a seemingly endless capacity for chevaline. Because of this when she saw an opportunity to snag some musician snacks, she didn't skip a beat, as she knew the perfect holes t...

nsfw pony vore 

by doomfister:


Bug decided to treat Line to a special birthday present, though with like most things regarding the grey glutton it's predatory in nature....

A joint birthday gift between me and Nomi for Crazy Water ( derpibooru.org/tags/artist-col ). Hopefully, Line...

nsfw pony vore 


Originally posted on: May 21, 2017 at 1:12 AM UTC
> **Nagawish and Chilly Pt 2**
> Fair Warning: Contains Vore!!!
> An overdo trade I had with my bud [Chilly--Willy](chilly--willy.deviantart.com/) and now finally got it completed.
> Sequel to this one from before
> [Nagawish a...

nsfw pony vore 

by Triksa:


Happy late b-day aryion.com/g4/user/Niku
Sorry, it takes so long to draw something for you~
Guess you are chosen to be a new sample for the experiment! Science demands sacrifice! Literally ~

nsfw pony vore 

by ✪☢Nuclear✯Volcano☢✪:


You looked at the monumental figure of the lamia with a happy smile, standing on the white-ish hoof of hers that provided you an elevated platform so both the pone and the snek pone could look at eachother in eye level. Some days ago, more specifically four, you would’ve feel quite scared and surprised and...

nsfw pony vore 

by doomfister:



One of the oft-forgotten quirks of eating unicorns is the gentle tingle of magic once their bones begin to break down within the stomach. Depending on the magical potential of a meal, it can often leave their predator rather gassy, as the surplus sorcery is belched u...

nsfw pony vore 

by doomfister:


Three more less well-known members of the Apple Family have and up close and personal encounter with a hungry Chimera...

A lemon done as a reward for one of my patreons dimalad . For this month they wanted a story to go along with a chimera piece they commissioned from Rib...

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