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nsfw pony vore 

by MovieSkywalker:

As the young mare of a noble family, it is quite surprise that she has always been indifferent to her body. Midnight snack is delicious, sure, but eating too much will be easy to gain weight.

A usual gift for my friend!

I've always wanted to try to draw something about vore, artwork like fine depiction of the ...

nsfw pony vore 

by doomfister:

Pan enjoys teasing her small Stallion friend Dummy, in this case letting him feel how well he fills out a diaper once her bladder was done digesting him...

A lemon done for Gizmo, who wanted a story to go with a piece to go with one of the many pieces he has commissioned from Secret Desires ( https://www.f...

nsfw pony vore 

by Rubiont:

Collective project including Change, Mr.Left, Rathalos, Rubiont-47 and Triksa works have done!

A prank that deliciously backfires, a cannon stunt that doesn't pan out like planned and our favorite girls in vanity shots and on the cover of the hottest magazines.

Mr Left's Dine 'n Dash pret...

nsfw pony vore 

by maddrummer:

Oh Blazing . . . always pretending to not want to be in the big snake lady's clutches, when he so clearly wants it. It's okay though, Ashaka likes teasing him~

A gift from a friend, and I absolutely love it. He did say he traced a few parts, but I still love it either way.

nsfw pony vore 

by doomfister:

-zapper -vore -e

Bug enjoys a visit to Canterlot, she takes in the sights, takes a few sales orders from some affluent members of the royal court, and well of course tried out the local food, this little indulgence was also kind enough to provide her predator with a free dr...

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