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I speak only English, but will make a best attempt to talk with anyone by using a translator.

My Little Pony 

My favorite ponies are:

1. Spock
2. Bart Simpson
3. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Maurice Lamarche, la voix derrière le chancelier Neighsay, a lancé un tweet célébrant l'épisode et promettant encore plus à venir.

#mlp #fim 

How *does* weather work anywhere there aren't ponies?

#mlp pun 

Would the dragon version of a hotdog be called a diamond dog?

#mlp #g4 Spoilers: #g5 Madoka Magica 

G4 could end in an epic event that obliterates the universe, resulting in it being rewritten Madoka Magica style. That explains why all the same characters are still there, but different. Twilight's magical power has steadily increased through the series, enough to cause the event, but it takes her magic, leaving her an Earth Pony. Something an alicorn loses their magic for, similar to unicorns controlling the sun. Thus, she's on a journey to rediscover magic.

I speak only English, but will make a best attempt to talk with anyone by using a translator.

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The vim Clutch: a USB foot pedal to switch between insert and command mode.

now if only someone made a specialized USB exit button

These fan manga were vectored almost as much as the show, back in 2012. I remember that Pinkie in image 5 being all over wallpapers.

Despite not having an official dub, MLP had gained a small following in Japan. Bushiroad eventually started a dub, which wasn't so great. Interestingly, Applebloom shared the same voice actor as Pikachu.

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Really wish Hasbro would stop releasing new content through difficult to follow channels, like exclusive apps.

Spoilers #MLPEG Forgotten Friendship 

Nice to see Celestia with a sense of humor again. Don't think we've seen that since A Bird in the Hoof.

Spoilers #MLPEG Forgotten Friendship 

How could Clover the Clever and "evil sorceress" go through a portal before Starswirl's research? Who had a mirror before Starswirl?

Spoilers #MLPEG Forgotten Friendship 

Was anyone else hoping for Trixie and Sunset to have a rap battle in this scene?

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Have a sample meme from the 'wholesome' section of our menu. 

Menu: mcmeme-enterprises.neocities.o
To order: !order '1-4' 'folder from menu'

eg. !order 1 Animal Crossing
Please allow a few minutes for a response.

Spoiler FiM 204, 301 

Why didn't the whole Crystal Empire have to go through the same culture shock Luna did when they returned after being gone for 1000 years?

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