hello again

how the fuck is this supposed to work? do I need a separate account for each instance?

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Thank you for 19K! Thats crazyy 😍
Good luck to those who enter!

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Today Michael Cohen, who testified against Trump, was returned to jail.

But Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, who stayed silent to protect Trump.

If this isn't blatant corruption, I don't know what corruption means.

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@FursonaPins@twitter.com Y'all, please be careful. This guy is dangerous. PLEASE don't enter the giveaway; even if the pin is rare and sought after don't believe for a minute that they'll honestly give one away. Don't risk your info.

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@FursonaPins@twitter.com This isn't the first time Spicy Skunk has acted up, either. This was almost exactly a year ago from today. twitter.com/yaboylukesuits/sta

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Ok, because apparently I am put into the spotlight for this convo, let me outline clearly what I think needs to happen so we can put this Ponybooru stuff behind us. @ponybooru@twitter.com

/thread below.

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So now, if one of your mates is joking "I think (transgender celeb) is hot, I don't know what that says about me", you now have fuel for an excellent "well actually".

Go forth and enjoy being... yunno... straight and stuff.

I will be over in the lesbian corner reading a book.

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So here is the thing. Your masculinity and sexuality is yours and yours only to define. Your worth is in your hands.

If you find a transgender woman attractive and like her, it should be okay. Draw that line in the sand with your mates. Make it their problem, not hers.

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It also says that women are inferior, and that behaving like a woman makes you less of a man, and inferior.
That is the basis of a whole mess of struggles you will have to work through, because it is based on the concept that women are less.

This is the root of homophobia.

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You are told that your masculinity and sexuality is cancellable by your male peers. That if you are not masculine and straight in the way they demand you are, then you are nothing, lesser... a joke.

This isn't true masculinity, this is toxic masculinity.

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Okay straight dudes, lets talk about the confusion you may feel being attracted to a transgender woman from a purely scientific point of view.

Your confusion will be lessoned somewhat by this.

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Ian Miles Chong has:
told my friend to kill himself and that his friends wouldn’t miss him

falsely accused protesters of murdering someone

falsely accused protesters of killing a dog

sent a SWAT team after someone which ended up killing their dog

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Our new slogan. TPM: Not one current or former staffer revealed as white supremacist or plotting criminal conspiracy against the government of the United States yet.

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