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it is time for The Arts

What started as a need to make a new phone background turned into this, and I think it's one of my best pieces in awhile.

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NSFW art, cropped thumbnail, selling out for my patreon page 

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hooves? or paws? why not both?

don't debate about it now, they're asleep smh

New headers time! I've made one for each account, I tried to differentiate them a bit just cause I felt like it.

Each of the pictures in the background is actually blurred images of some of my own artwork (even a couple unreleased pics!)

Also, avatar and name change, forgot to do it on here, whoops :p

introducing the world to PictoBat, featuring: bleps

NSFW, very lewd 


And now, I've *finalized* finalized her design.

Meet my new(ish) Pokésona, Traily! Because I can make names or something.

"The Early Morning Mood"

Fun fact: The Inkscape SVG to this is 362 KB. The PNG render is 1.70 MB.

I've tweaked Malyckt's design a bit, and now gave them their own ref sheet, woo!

oops, me and @birbhorse have S W A P P E D avatars, now she is me and me is she, and she is me, and so on

1. radiance avi
2. ravenda avi
3. full version of radiance avi, cuz i said so

And now, here's my 2018 Art in review! I'm surprised how much I've improved with my backgrounds alone this year.

Links to all of the art shown here can be found here:

NSFW, gorldick 

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