May 2017 vs May 2022

For multiple Reasons™, it apparently took me five years to complete my little series of the player characters in . I was never quite happy how Darlene had turned out – thinking that so far, everyone else has managed to capture her better than I could.

I’m a lot happier with her latest rendition, so maybe I’m getting there.

CW thing in eye (subtle, non-gory) 

Finally a new piece! Wanderlust, the crystal maiden of the wind, was picked up by the party while suffering a mysterious case of memory loss.

She's our DM's (@chaotic_conundrums) non-player character in the team and as grown to become the mascot of our campaign.

Skipping ahead a little to 16 October 2014, we got this cutesy little scene that was requested by a friend. I got to experiment a little more with softer brushes and less pronounced outlines.

I was also still playing around a lot with lighting. In this case: seeing what i can do with strong contrasts.

I guess this one came out alright. I definitely still come back to this style occasionally when drawing backgrounds, even these days.

And dated 24 March 2014, if I'm not completely mistaken, this picture marks the conclusion of that same RP. two two successfully hiked to the top of Winsome Falls and took a hang glider for the return trip.

I think this was the first time I used digital effects, which is why the background ended up looking so flat. Nonetheless, I'm kind of happy with the perspective and indication of movement in this one!

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“This isn't a contest, you know?”

Dated 4 Jan 2014, we've got another super-early experiment of mine figuring out how the heck lighting works. I got colored light more or less figured out at that point, but had _no_ idea yet how to work with saturation.

Obviously inspired by the episode “Bats!”, which had aired like a week before.

Dated 20 Dez 2013, we've got what I think was based on an old RP with a friend. Rumble and Scootaloo go on a camping trip and are surprised at night by an angry bear.

I was barely starting to experiment more with lighting and light colors at the time. I also found a tutorial on drawing flames literally the day before, which shows. I tried to go for a softer style without outlines, to make the flames fit in better.

Also, I didn't know how to draw bears.

Dated 24 Feb 2013, we've got Tempus Fidgets a.k.a. Spring Breeze, an old character of @Inadequate .
He's doing what we used to call a "pony-o", an o-shaped mouth expression that happened to look cute in a surprising amount of screenshots.

Before , we played another campaign called and before falling off the face of the world, I never finished drawing title cards for all characters.

This is Scaleheart, the teenage dragon gunslinger on a quest to avenge his parents' death.

And the last one of the gang! Stained Glass, the (younger) twin sister of my character, Stellar Groove. An alchemist, oracle and flyer dispenser. Totally doesn't have a third eye.

Back with another player character from ! "Sticky" Gelato, local con ar– I mean, cute baby griffon.

And another player character from ! Stony Gaze, the genius child inventor, and her alter ego Sentinel!

It's Cactus' birthday, so I took the chance to draw his character: Stained Glass, the three-eyed deer.

Aaaaand another character from our campaign: Storm Gale, the sentai protagonist with breezie and dragon ancestry!

it's @chaotic_conundrums's birthday, so I crossed his character Wanderlust over with Genshin Impact's Ganyu!

Finally got around to drawing more characters from our campaign: Steam Gears, the forgetful inventor and bird aficionado!

Our party somehow found itself in a meeting of the board of directors of an international company and "Sticky" Gelato, the 9yo griffon boy, convinced them of our party's position by explaining to them the concept of a class action lawsuit

on the notion of coming back to Mastodon, I've since joined another pony-themed PnP campaign. I present: Stellar Groove, the rock-star/eco-activist deer!

“I present to you: swearing toys!” 

Charging Wind, PVRyohei's character for , @chaotic_conundrums's RPG campaign.

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