I don't have ADHD but every now and then it literally takes me like 5 attempts to actually do the thing I want to do instead of getting distracted with something else and I'm reminded that for ADHD people this happens ALL THE TIME instead of just occasionally.

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@KANINEKURBSTOMP@twitter.com @woot_master@twitter.com Yo if you a transhumanist and you ain't interested in having a tail or flying or breathing underwater or anything you just a poser

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I hope Among Us is still a thing whenever cons are safe again cus I want to see brightly coloured astronaut cosplayers gently bothering and accusing each other all day

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Izzy is pretty sus

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oh my fucking god I tried to click "sabotage" while standing over a vent and I fucking VENTED IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AT THE START OF THE ROUND

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there are so many images on the internet that become templates to say all sorts of things where the original image is just way fucking funnier than anything that has ever been edited into it twitter.com/decafdevil/status/

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I started 2020 by trying to be more positive and now I just want to die.

Guys this planet is way past it's expiration date, we should've been on Mars by now.

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🌍🛸(landing on earth)
👽what are you guys still doing here this planet is expired. get off

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Among Us is an accurate simulation of what happens when conservatives infiltrate society.

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Every heartwarming human interest story in america is like "he raised $20,000 to keep 200 orphans from being crushed in the orphan-crushing machine" and then never asks why an orphan-crushing machine exists or why you'd need to pay to prevent it from being used.

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“When the ADAs called me back they said the same thing “Don’t know what’s going on but this is retaliation about that case. They won’t tell us anything about the warrant but it doesn’t exist. You need to stay somewhere other than your house tonight.

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can we call alt-right protestors "brotestors"

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Congressional Democrats Threaten To All Wear Same Color If Trump Loses Election And Refuses To Leave Office bit.ly/2Q1cjMU

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If you say people should "act like adults", at this point I'm pretty sure that means "run around throwing temper tantrums when anything doesn't go your way" because that's all I ever fucking see.

Nobody is rational. Nobody acts mature. Nothing about modern society is reasonable.

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