A critical design flaw in most software is that it's being used by humans instead of intelligent beings.

I wish there was a subreddit for load-bearing commas

What if instead of donating money to save children from the orphan crushing machine, we collectively invest in a company that destroys the orphan crushing machine instead, which creates jobs and increases economic prosperi—

"bUt ThAt'S sOciAlIsM"

shut the fuck up boomer

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many people don't know this, but the "J" in "JIT" is actually soft, so it should be pronounced "yeet compiler"

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Sometimes I think I want to make videos and then I see things like this and remember that I really, really don't.

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<chuckling in exhaustion> hope i'm rendering this for the last time

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One day we will invent a D-tier language and the angels will sing

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Trick question, all programming languages are F tier twitter.com/Diloon123/status/1

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idea for C++23: new "calm" type specifier to counteract "volatile." i would like for all my variables to be "calm"

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I like how it's 2021 and FL Studio's concept of "updating" is "download a 1 gigabyte installer that reinstalls the new version on top of the old one" because this is definitely a good use of my time.

A frightening number of mental and physical ailments could be solved if people could just find the other 26 people on planet earth with the same problem.

The school system is a gigantic mountain you have to scale, and you get really good at rock climbing.

Then you graduate and the job is a boat.

Nobody explains to you what you need to do on the boat. You aren't even sure how the boat is floating.

You hope it goes somewhere.

Americans live in a society that is collapsing in slow motion.

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my mom yelled at me two days ago that if you want money you just shouldnt get sick
hate this place 😊😊

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Let’s settle this since this message seems to be very convoluted. It’s unlikely. There is a difference between a carrier and a transmitter. Vaccinated individuals can get infected and carry the virus. What is important to know is the viral load is so low you can’t transmit it. twitter.com/apoorva_nyc/status

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software engineering is the real april fools joke

after 15 years of C++ and building compilers, I've decided to learn and become a .js developer so I can build a website that sells NFTs!

It finally happened. While trying to troubleshoot a gamma correction edge-case with premultiplied alpha, I stumbled on an article about gamma correction that refers back to one of my blog posts. Neither of which actually solved my problem.

Also, they misspelled my name.

Sharing this even though 50% of my followers are probably trans anyway

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In light of the recent news from Arkansas, here's a thread from me, a trans person who is on hrt, about the medical treatments that are normally available to trans children, what they do, and how difficult they ALREADY ARE to get.

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