@setup For when you need to count the individual grains of sand on a beach

@angristan It's worth setting up a custom domain with ProtonMail, if not for how much cooler it looks, then to avoid terrible blocking practices like this

@codewiz When you go to merge a pull request the button has an arrow dropdown on the right side letting you choose how you want to merge, see: help.github.com/en/github/coll

@broken_pen The real kicker is that not many people I normally interact with use Mastodon at all

I honestly can't blame them though, there's a lot of new terminology and stuff to understand, and some of them already post artwork to 3+ places, so getting them to use yet another social site is going to fall on deaf ears :c

@C_Chell I ended up creating accounts across like 7 instances before I figured out how this platform works xD

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