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🇫🇷 (❤): Lumière Élevé
🇬🇧: Light Ascend
🇯🇵: 羽飛夜光 (はとぶ やこう, Hatobu Yakō)

📜 Telegram: Lumiere_Eleve
🐦 Twitter: unHybrideEnExil
🐘 Mastodon: vous êtes ici
🖥️ GitHub: PoneyClairDeLune
Changes made:
1. Hid some MIDI messages, preventing message spamming.
2. Unset values would be replaced with 0 instead.
Changes made:
1. Lingered activation time for XG letter display was decreased from 5 seconds to 3.2767 seconds, better reflecting defaults on a real QY70

@edchdx The problem is that 99.99% of all "know" that is the only video uploading platform in existence.

Even those who don't try to make a living off off YT with content won't switch because they're completely unaware that alternatives exist.

The overall number of users doesn't matter if pony videos get more known via than via YT search.

So what we need is one or several big pony-centred instances that should also be advertised on .

Yubaba: Finished your contract yet?
Chihiro: Umm, yes...
Yubaba: Hmm, Chihiro, sounds lengthy.
Yubaba: From now on you'll be called, Sen...
Yubaba: Wait, what?! I'm trying to take away your name...
Chihiro: It's futile. Ghibli has already registered my name as a trademark.

Closing comment sections of each and every pony animation video. Oh why thank you, Team "YouSuck".
On the other hand, the brony community should seriously consider branching out from, or even completely ditch YouTube as a whole. Staying on the platform just lets them tag your hard-made works, wiping one comment section after another.
Unless YouTube is hurt enough, they will keep silencing pony content.

Of course, there is one more from David J. Reading:
Soundtrack of both videos are provided by JayB, who rendered both MIDI files on a real Yamaha QY70. Thank you!

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I think I just heard delightful squee noises from NSO Group, hurriedly updating their Pegasus spyware.

Gen X: I'm 19 now, I'll take the responsibility of a true man.
Gen Z: Wait I'm already adult? I haven't been enjoying much!

If there is still light, we will find it, no matter the cost.

Bad app (grid) management, worse dock experience, worst window management. Thanks Apple, I'd keep using GNOME Shell and KDE Plasma than to ever touch your macOS.
Seriously? With this user experience not too far from self-harming, how the hell did macOS even get ahead of Linux in terms of market share?

NSA claims they didn't put a backdoor.
I used to believe the new algos didn't have any backdoor, but now I do.
29k likes, 38k dislikes, within 120 hours. You've really done well this time, Mojang.

This video provided a reference on how to correctly interprete XG letter display messages. Thank you, whoever owns this channel!

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Experimental XG Letter Display. Some previously unseen messages can now be displayed, giving a better MIDI playback experience.
Just as the video explained, ignoring the case of Julian Assange endangers all of us. Please team up, and defend Julian Assange.

"Privacy is a human right."
It's not just some stupid meaningless slogan, but a real cause. You are yourself because of your privacy. Say no to surveillance of any kind, especially those who weaponizes it to crack down dissidence.
Erect a good example. Fight for a real cause.

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Equestria.Social (EQS) is a Mastodon instance for all pony fans, created to federate Bronies and Pegasisters wanting to join the fediverse, and those already present ! But we are opened to everyone !

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Equestria.Social (EQS) is a Mastodon instance for all pony fans, created to federate Bronies and Pegasisters wanting to join the fediverse, and those already present ! But we are opened to everyone !

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