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Anyone reading, if you know anything about how to correctly parse a or file, please point me on how, or where I can find it's specifications!

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More and more new faces showing up per day, so I guess an introduction is a must now.
Hello! I'm Lumière Élevé, definitely a random normal pony (faint wing buzzing) who daily drive Linux and custom Android ROMs. Loves FLOSS, but not always FLOSS.
Often a programmer, focusing on multimedia (e.g. MIDI) and anti-censorship (privacy came as a bonus). Primarily using JS, while also sometimes writing in Go or Rust, and currently guiding newbie C devs. Also am (or at least soon-to-be) multilingual.

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🇫🇷 (❤): Lumière Élevé
🇬🇧: Light Ascend
🇯🇵: 羽飛夜光 (はとぶ やこう, Hatobu Yakō)

📜 Telegram: Lumiere_Eleve
🐦 Twitter: unHybrideEnExil
🐘 Mastodon: vous êtes ici
🖥️ GitHub: PoneyClairDeLune

Z-Library has registered a http://1lib.i2p/ domain for easier access. Folks don't need to remember the long address anymore!

handsockz was a great artist with a very distinctive style. Unfortunately, they deleted most of their pictures off the internet at some point, making them hard to find, though you can find a few scattered around...

artist: handsockz
source: a now dead tumblr

Oh, you know, lets post one more handsockz picture, one of my favorites...

artist: handsockz
source: a deleted tumblr page

The massive Twitter data breach is real. Here is a small offer of proof. There is data from entire countries in the data set.

Birthday gift for @CStrawberryMilk with her joyful and adorable deer pony! 🦌💗🌸

Development footage of Octavia running "A Phoenix to the 21st Century" (XG, MU1000, 64CH).

After 12 hours (No joke) the animation is done!

Here's to all the shippers.

Follower Art Raffle. Holiday Edition! To participate you must:

💜Comment Ref

3 winners will be chosen: 1st will be Twitter, 2nd will be here, and 3rd will be on Tumblr! You cannot win more than once! Good Luck!

Yoooooooo 64-channel MU1000 XG demo MIDI files!!!

Feel free to play around with at:
If you liked the project, don't hesitate to leave a star!

Where can you register domains on I2P?
· https://stats.i2p/ (the root of most addressbook services)
· http://identiguy.i2p/
· http://inr.i2p/
· http://reg.i2p/
· http://skank.i2p/
· http://linuxfarm.i2p/

Found a possible explanation of why some people may assume they're capable of distinguishing between recordings of 44.1/48kHz and 88.2/96kHz.
Some encoders introduce an LPF before encoding the real audio data. While the actual values of both are below 20kHz, the cutoff frequency is lower when in 44.1/48kHz.
So their ability to distinguish may, in fact, due to them being more sensitive to signals in the 14kHz to 20kHz range.

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