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My Little Pony will be intersectional, or it will be bullshit.

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image descriptions, a promise and a thankyou 

I will no longer boost unless an image has a description, or someone's added one (after a long period of trying not to). Big thank you to folks that make that a point in their bio already! You've inspired me to be more serious

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I mean, technically humans are talking animals

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The existence of draft horses strongly implies the existence of Final FINAL rev1 (copy) (backup) FINAL3 dot horses.

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Newly (a month ago) diagnosed #diabetic. Anyone have awesome tips to share? Starting with diet, exercise, weight loss, and #metformin to see if I can bring my numbers back to pre-diabetic syndrome in 90 days (mid Jan).

Continuous glucose monitor #CGM has been useful to track effects of food and exercise.

Not much of a sweet tooth, so giving up candy and most white starch has been pretty easy, but for those occasional sweet cravings, what do you all like?

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Favorite color(s)?

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This is epic! Someone created this PR, Pull Request, for a better alt text reminder for images and descriptions for other media! #Accessibility #Mastodon #Fediverse

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Mastodon is crumbling and some blame these delicious recipes

Post your best apple crumble (or non-apple crumble!) recipes to #MastodonCrumbles

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So, I am seeing lots of Infosec and hackers in my feed (which is great!!), but I want to branch out and follow more folks who share:
#maker stuff
#punk shit
#anarchy memes
#writers of fantastic stories
#spooky #goth aesthetics
#biology #geology and #nuclear nerds (I just wanna talk about fish and uranium glass sometimes!)
#activist and those into #activism for social Justice and #equality

And of course, #witches, #kink folks, and #adhd #neurodivergent badasses.

Hopefully with my egregious use of hashtags, they will see this and we can be friends!
Nice to meetcha, I’m Katelyn, and I’m into all the above stuff! Lets hang out here on the tooter app

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sorry. forgot something. anyways, eugen, i'm sure everyone will stop calling the website you keep ruining "confusing" and make you the next twitter
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This is my second post. Looking for a wheelchair accessible place to stay after my boyfriend beat me up in a transphobic hate crime. I’m near the Ottawa area. 💕

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im tired :ajsleepy:

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If you enjoy someone's post on #Mastodon go ahead and click the star. If someone tells you that's meaningless because there's no #algorithm, ignore them. Sure, boost the post too if you want others to also see the post, but don't think telling someone you like what they posted is somehow unimportant. In real life I don't tell someone, "good job," or "well said," or "I love that," for the sake of some algorithm, I do it because I'm human and they are too. It's fundamental to being truly social.

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the vet has updated my cats' names in their text reminders, so now I'm the only member of this household being deadnamed by a medical provider

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imagine finding info on the web

i just wanna find where on the stave you put the low e of a bass guitar

shouldn't be that hard

but no, it is

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everywhere: human stairs.

Prague castle: horse stairs.


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@RabBrucesSpider1 @ZuriBella I know from running my own instance it’s a server setting to require the alt text. We should boost this to let #MastodonAdmins know that that this feature would be helpful to all if there was more encouragement to take the extra time.

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Driving past Humansville at night and it's all low, featureless, windowless buildings, all of them humming.

There is a welcome sign.

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