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My Little Pony will be intersectional, or it will be bullshit.

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The beast that shouted “everypony!” at the heart of the world

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Hello, new friends! I love the old out of print comics and I like to post them in all their faded papery glory.

I love and folk , , , and little ponies in slightly twisted tales with a bit of patriarch thrashing. I'm rooted in the and I think I might’ve grown up in but escaped… somehow. This is my strange, safe little place now.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Singular they
Predates singular you

Still confused by Amricans all dressing as gunpowder conspirators for all of November

some men just want to be placed inside an elaborate wooden sphere that they can run around in a big circle and develop velocity within as the whole village looks on

excuse? sir? sir? excuse me? excuse? sir? excuse me? excuse me? sir? sir? sir? sir? excuse me, sir? sir?


i respect flat earthers because it's the most pointless fucking thing to believe, so i say go for it

i have been forcibly reminded the voyager plates basically constitute a mixtape, unsolicited nudes, and directions to where we live

a poem:
a hardwood floor that gives way underfoot to the pale wrigglecity beneath; your home is a palace and a feast to so many lives beyond your own but you alone as a human pay rent and not one other creature in the livingspace could imagine such a process or demand and anyway they are busy dismantling the bones of the place and no one will turn the building into a circus tent and you share, you share, maybe a house is always a hollow

Solving the k-nearest neighbors problem by loud whinnying

Introducing the new Pokemon games, Pokemon Pathos and Pokemon Logos

Not sure if secret pony fan, folklorist, or astrophysicist here, but it's all good and I love this

Followup thread rating every rider of every . Spoiler: they're all all gonna fall off because, and that is fine. Throw your oppressors, comrades!

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