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The existence of draft horses strongly implies the existence of Final FINAL rev1 (copy) (backup) FINAL3 dot horses.

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My Little Pony will be intersectional, or it will be bullshit.

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Hello, new friends! I love the old out of print comics and I like to post them in all their faded papery glory.

I love and folk , , , and little ponies in slightly twisted tales with a bit of patriarch thrashing. I'm rooted in the and I think I might’ve grown up in but escaped… somehow. This is my strange, safe little place now.


and they named him Milvendil, or "Milf-friend", in the old milvish

free software, repost to public 

When my lil dictionary is updating the db, it shows a minimal ascii animation of a steaming coffee mug, and goes like ‘X, done… Y, done… All done! $0 is ready to use, enjoy!’ In modern computers this doesn’t even take time anymore, but this little detail is by far what I got most praise on it (2nd most praised is the fact that it’s ‘pretty’, that I took care with colours and Unicode etc. in a cmdline app).

more cuteness and gentleness in sofware pls

#linux #foss

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Queering the ahoy!¹/avast!² binary

¹ good clean-livin' sailors ⚓
² grizzled pirate scum 🏴‍☠️

parking lot
moving its wings
crawls close, flies on

Today I am mostly poking real hardware over virtual consoles

covid, food, uk journalism shitpost 

next up we have petey pizzas, CEO of the popular pete's pizzas chain of pizzerias, talking about how pizzerias specifically are a special case that should be allowed to operate through lockdown. he's gonna have half an hour to talk. then after him, robert pies, CEO of robert's pies pie shops.

json comments and commas at the ends of lists or dicts when

Good morning, everyone! It is a lovely misty late autumn day, and I hope you get to spend yours wandering wistfully and silently and contemplating the cyclic nature of the seasons before returning to warmth and well-ventilated indoor comfort

Let this be a lesson to everyone out there: Never, EVER stand in between Souv and their food.

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I still cannot find my fucking can opener so hammer and chisel it is. Siiiigh.

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There's this event on Instagram called folktale week anyway here is my first entry
#mastoart #folklore

This was an entry for a contest
Now that I lost, I can finally post it here to make up for the lack of new art haha
#art #mastoart

u ever wake up from a bad dream where ur human

Night in the Woods 

Also desperately trying not to think about how this game is set in a world that has both anthropomorphic cats and feral cats

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*Finally* figured out how to get GNOME on Wayland to switch between windows properly after like 6 months

@starwall it could be the days between christmas and new years when we collectively trudge about filled with too much cheese

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