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My Little Pony will be intersectional, or it will be bullshit.

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image descriptions, a promise and a thankyou 

I will no longer boost unless an image has a description, or someone's added one (after a long period of trying not to). Big thank you to folks that make that a point in their bio already! You've inspired me to be more serious

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The existence of draft horses strongly implies the existence of Final FINAL rev1 (copy) (backup) FINAL3 dot horses.

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it is Thursday, beloved of folklorists and throwbacks. Hope you're all having a good one!

hahahha that poll going around asking what shade of grey ppl set their backgrounds to before they start working

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

I have bought a set of security bits.

I am now unstoppable.

Fringe Cryptid Theory (relaxed hair salon for student and activist bigfeets)

on the dark web. Banging into things and saying sorry a lot. Feeling around for a lightswitch.

Early start. Bins taken out on time. Bill paid. Did some work. Absolutely winning this day, on no sleep at all yeah 😤 😪💤

emotional rollercoaster tabbing from is-gone to isn't-gone and back again when these sites often don't repeat the question at the start of the page

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management company helpfully making their paper invoices indistinguishable from scams. Also their web portal doesn't agree with what their payments/accounts people say on the phone, and neither seem to know about the paper invoice

But still pay us within 10 days of receipt of this 2nd class letter or have this £70 admin charge

writing to the 2022 committee to register a lack of confidence in myself

Anime (
and manga)
concerning production
of anime (
and manga)

keep hearing 2022 mentioned as if we're alr.. oh shit oh fuck It's 2022 how did th

turning the simulation of the universe upside down briefly to see all the snow come down again. Pretty!

rotating the simulation my mindstate and activity currently inhabits inside my mind

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