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My Little Pony will be intersectional, or it will be bullshit.

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The beast that shouted “everypony!” at the heart of the world

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Hello, new friends! I love the old out of print comics and I like to post them in all their faded papery glory.

I love and folk , , , and little ponies in slightly twisted tales with a bit of patriarch thrashing. I'm rooted in the and I think I might’ve grown up in but escaped… somehow. This is my strange, safe little place now.


[series spends 200 episodes going "hehe i don't know are they gay tee hee... no, just kidding, they aren't... unless? nooo haha, kidding... but actually..." before revealing that they are, in fact, gay, in the last 20 seconds of the series finale]

cartoon fans: we 👏🏻 stan 👏🏻

@TeethTeethTeeth i don't rly think so? a major difference i see is that when lovecraft's protagonists encounter something that totally shifts their worldview and breaks down the dominant ideology, they are driven to madness

when we encounter it, we embrace it and join it (speaking v v broadly)

basically people who want to fuck cthulhu are queer

Anthropologists of the future will have a tough time deciphering UwU

That’s OK

It will be this era’s secret

pagliacci: doctor, i am pagliacci.

doctor: i am aware of that, the practice nurse forwarded me your medical details prior to your appointment.

In whiteness, the *greatest* offense is to recognize and identify bigoted behavior. In that culture, that's the end of the conversation and their fragility takes from and center. The harm bigotry causes takes a back seat to hurt feelings.

In the cultures I come from, that's just a start to understanding and is an opportunity to *do better*.

This context simply does not exist in whiteness. It is dedicated to not changing.

The inflexibility is the same reason it's killing itself.

*in baby voice* lets set some realistic goals here : fash banned by 2016. cops banned by 2016. cops banned by 2016. cops banned by 2020. a catgirl maid in every household by 2025

The city was littered with confetti, discarded food wrappers, and spirits soaking in the residual energies from last nights festivities.

The most popular spot was where a manic pixie dream-girl had danced her most recent now-less-uptight beau to a giggling, kiss-filled collapse. A strip of her lace remained.

"Never gets old," sighed one spirit.

"She always seems to be about 23, doesn't she?"

"I remember her too," chuckled another.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

I'm seeing an alarming number of boys and young men entering our online spaces scared and confused because they might be pregnant. Due to testosterone stopping their menstrual cycle, they believed it was impossible for them to get pregnant — thus they were not as cautious and safe as they otherwise would have been while with their partner.

**If you have not had a hysterectomy, you can potentially get pregnant while on testosterone.**

There are trans men several years on T who will report abruptly having their cycle again after not having one for 1-3 years. It's possible. Improbable, but possible.

You need to continue practicing safe sex even while on T.

To white atheists from Christian backgrounds 

Okay, Fediverse, help me out.

Prescription meds ==> lots of little prescription bottles that just go into the recycling stream.

Anyone found a way to do prescriptions WITHOUT little plastic bottles?

the internet is returning back to the point where search engines are useless for actually finding information

public libraries are welcoming folks back with open arms

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