“User Interface”? You mean clicking randomly on the ⁝ and ☰ and ⚙️ buttons trying to figure out what's in each one?

we had a user interface once! It was called a menu bar,.

@g1comics Sometimes also a toolbar, as a treat (everything contained in the toolbar was also contained in the menus).

@g1comics I swear, I might just fork rhythmbox just to get the menu bar back

@g1comics Also vainly 'floating' texts to find hints, right-clicking things, middle-clicking things, double-clicking - anything! Just hoping the creative dev left some clue other than their deep believe that everyone thought like they did and could read minds at a distance.

@g1comics why yes, it *is* my current preference that I logout now, it all makes total sense

> click on the gear
> click on the hamburger
:blobcatfakeverified: there isn't a borgar
> it's the three lines, blob
:blobcatmeataww: that is not a borgar

@g1comics hmm it's not in any of these.. maybe if I swipe left from the corner of the screen for the secret hidden sidebar? No? The right then? What if I open ⚙️ and then swipe... :thonking: toolbars are nice too. maybe ribbons if you take a squint. but thats that. IMO

@g1comics "UI is not important, what matters is functionality" :troll:

most stupid mindset

I think that computers are now old enough that most things are truly cemented. Anyone wanting to innovate, but not put in the work, is now relegated to creating odd and arbitrary standards to validate their work.

Don't worry about making a good program that is like and loved. Simply create a new menu button and fight for it to be used everywhere.

@g1comics some times it’s also textual, like “Preference”—surely where you would expect to set SSH and GPG keys

@g1comics I recently started using KOReader, and while it's great... Try finding the setting you're looking for.

@VincentTunru @g1comics They're going to have the whole toolbox soon: gears, wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers... But how will I find my files?


@g1comics It's either under Settings, Config, Profile, Actions, or Preferences.

user interface whinge additions 

@g1comics and (esp on touchscreens)
- not knowing what things are buttons or otherwise clickable

- not knowing whether long-touching something will do the same action as short-touching, or nothing, or some new action, or give options, or give an explanation

- seriously long-touch is like the equivalent of a combo of right-click and mouseovers and idk which one it's gonna be, or if it's something else entirely

also seconding this & like all the other replies

user interface whinge additions 2/3? 

@g1comics oh and the awkward touchscreen thing (def on firefox, i think other apps too) of

moving finger down on screen and getting the url bar stuff show up, and vice-versa, which means sometimes u try to do smth like highlight text and the feckin screen moves

or i try to get that bar to show up and swipe idk, too fast? wrong place? and the phone's menu comes down

user interface whinge additions 3/3 

@g1comics and add to all that, lack of like, instruction manuals in general. remember those? i accidentally found a feature to lock background apps open (as well as split and popup screen) *completely* by accident, then a couple weeks later (nice timing!) my sister complained that she accidentally closes spotify a lot when she closes her background apps and i taught her how to lock the app

ohh i have a lot to whinge about with Tech These Days, sorry lol

@g1comics remember when buttons used to have text saying what they do instead of mysterious icons with no tooltips?

@g1comics I miss menu bars. They were cluttered in the wrong hands but a hell of a lot more discoverable. Especially with unity's HUD feature

@fishandmicrochips I've never used the HUD feature in Ubuntu, but I really like using fuzzy search for verbs to apply to the current context/​selection/​object whatever that is. I've only really used it in kupfer.

It seems to be quite a rare pattern for interaction, and that's a shame. It's good wherever there's lots of text available to describe the actions/verbs

Like menu bars,,

@g1comics The main advantage I see with opaque icons like ⁝ , ☰, etc. is that you don't have to hire a translator. But that's small comfort given how, at least in Qt, you have standard translation classes like QTranslator

@fishandmicrochips tooltips and speech navigation interfaces for blind folks still need translated strings, so that has to be a false economy really!

Also it makes it really hard to describe stuff to learners and people without depth of computer knowledge. So many "click on the hamburger" (what?) "the three lines" (oh right... /which one/?) "it's supposed to look like a menu used to, so at the top right" (what's a menu?) conversations with relatives aaaaa

@fishandmicrochips even if they make it accessible (does anybody even bother these days? *sigh*), I still hate how the fashion for these things just makes it gratuitously difficult for anyone *not* using accessibility tech

oh god I was trying to avoid getting mad at computers today, too.. 😆

@g1comics can people also like just STOP with buttons that have an unclear function and will immediately do something when pressed with no confirmation (looking at you, discord)

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