RT @EverfreeNW@twitter.com: Hey there everypony! Are you ready to start planning your pony filled weekend of fun? We sure hope so, because our event schedule is up and ready for you! Head on over to: everfreenw.com/events/ to check out all the fun things you can expect at Everfree Northwest 2021! twitter.com/EverfreeNW/status/

RT @rebane2001@twitter.com

YouTube is privating all old unlisted videos in 10 days from now and we are trying to archive as much pony content as possible before it is all gone forever.

If you have any old UNLISTED pony videos, please submit them here now - hobune.stream/submit/



@lumithekirin@twitter.com I'm wondering if you're still accepting orders for the Long Starlight pin. I saw the order form was open but I know it was a limited run so I wanted to double-check.

@TrotCon@twitter.com "Okay, I placed an order for 100 of TrotCon Stickers, Full Sticker Set. Your total is $9001.42. Receipt sent to anyway.come.to@trotcon.net."

Twitter thread: twitter.com/jackgraysonfox/sta

is privating old soon. Anyone with a channel since before 2017, opt out now! Everyone else, spread the word and start archiving.

More info: jackgraysonfox.tumblr.com/post

RT @DJGeekBrony@twitter.com:

your favorite brony musician that uploaded two songs in 2013 and then unlisted them, is about to be inaccessible from anywhere but their own account unless they "opt-out" before the deadline.



II_MCArch_II@twitter.com I think it's a little premature to assume ulterior motives here. My guess is they made a mistake, maybe an automated posting that they forgot to deactivate.

Twitter thread: twitter.com/jackgraysonfox/sta

Context: baltimore.org/convention-blog/

(it's probably going to be taken down so here's an archive web.archive.org/web/2021062319 )

RT @TrotCon@twitter.com:

ok ok guys, confession time

i made that bronycon 2021 post on the baltimore website

i was gonna get all of u to show up and then during opening ceremonies you'd hear the faintest sound of clown horns in the background that gets louder and louder and then (1/43)


@TravisOdyssey@twitter.com: Would suggest changing the name (thus bringing all previous tweets, follows, etc. to the new name) and then creating a new account under the old name that points to the new one (if only to prevent someone from stealing the previous name)

Twitter thread: twitter.com/jackgraysonfox/sta

RT @scrimmypone@twitter.com:

The original Pony Music Archive may be dead, but I'm bringing it back - in a more decentralised form using @IPFS@twitter.com 😁

pma.scrimmy.horse/ + pma.scrimmy.horse/archive/

Or directly via an IPFS client/gateway: /ipns/pma.scrimmy.horse/


I really need to add an actual logo for Rainwater Tornado now that it's getting some attention for the copies of the Pony Music Archive torrents rainwatertornado.cloud/collect

Since the Pony Music Archive (ponemusic.net/) is still in maintenance, now seems a good time to let everyone know that I've mirrored all of the torrents on my own site: rainwatertornado.cloud/collect (I'm not seeding all of them. Not enough space, sadly.)

plush from @HibiscusStitch@twitter.com came! This one is 34 in./87 cm long to be precise.

And the original holographic Fizzy Glitch charm came! Thanks again @BajaGryphon@twitter.com

RT @jackgraysonfox: Got my (smaller) Fizzy Glitch charm with some nice extras from @BajaGryphon@twitter.com equestria.social/@jackgraysonf

RT @TrotCon@twitter.com:

We've decided not to hold TrotCon IRL this July.

But while we're rescheduling the circus for 2022, we're excited to let you know that you WILL be able to see us in person Dec. 17-19, 2021, in Columbus, Ohio.

More: trotcon.net/2021/04/13/an-upda

(art @Jollyjolea@twitter.com from our 2014 event)


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