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Leaving now. This was a pretty short trip but it was fun. Maybe making it longer next year?

Ran into and an unidentified otter at !

Get hyped! Looking forward to seeing lots of cool stuff.


Light up the floor & turn up the bass! We've got some of the best musicians in Equestria to help us celebrate ! Head to: and to check out our Ponystock & Gala line up and join us in welcoming our musicians below!

Twitter thread:


Dear everypony,

Today we're happy to share with you our schedule so you all can plan your fun weekend at our 10th Birth-iversary! Head on over to: to check it out! See you in 23 days!

Your friends,

The Staff

Made a site listing all the fan conventions I plan on attending/have attended

Main reason is to have a more reliable record that doesn't depend on social media


Last year at denfur there was a discrepancy in terms of who would be running the Jackbox panel the original organizer never arrived so a group of the audience came together and made it happen. Afterwards, the bright idea of goin to Denny's came up. The rest is history

Twitter thread:

TrotCon Social-Media Team Dinner Receipt
June 15, 2022 - July 19, 2022

@TrotCon @krttrot @LuckRockMusic @ThothPenswell


Attention friends!

Further Confusion is excited to announce that it is returning in 2023!

Save the date! January 12th - 16th, MLK Weekend!

Stay tuned for website updates and announcements!

Been asked what my favorite moment of was. Hard to come up with a single favorite, but I can share a wholesome one.

Went up to
to ask for an autograph, and she immediately lit up. Felt nice to brighten someone's day, haha.

Just got the receipt for my rental car... I know I went back and forth quite a bit but this seems excessive. (The rental did come with unlimited mileage but still.)

Overall, thanks to everyone who I've met and talked to, or (gasp) recognized me at this con.

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Huge thanks to all the donors, bidders, and presenters for raising (just) over $18,000 for

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Equestria.Social (EQS) is a Mastodon instance for all pony fans, created to federate Bronies and Pegasisters wanting to join the fediverse, and those already present ! But we are opened to everyone !

Equestria.Social (EQS) est une instance Mastodon pour tous les fans de poneys, créée pour fédérer les Bronies et Pegasisters voulant rejoindre le "fediverse", et ceux déjà présents ! Mais nous sommes ouverts à tous !

Equestria.Social (EQS) is a Mastodon instance for all pony fans, created to federate Bronies and Pegasisters wanting to join the fediverse, and those already present ! But we are opened to everyone !

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