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Show up to the Grand Galloping Gala five minutes before it's due to end... Real classy -.-

Just landed in Milwaukee for . I'll be honest, I was actually looking forward to spotting the infamous "Welcome to Cleveland" sign on approach but I never did.

Back in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport/SEA. First time connecting through here though (for )

RT So imagine my surprise as I'm eating breakfast that I hear Discord by playing on the news my grandparents had on. Of all stations it's a fox station too. [VIDEO]
I wanted to send this to you via the feedback survey but I can't find it anymore :/

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I’ve had some sleep. Let’s talk about what happened this weekend.


I have a lot to say about Poni Expo tomorrow, but I want to say this:

There is *plenty* of valid criticism, but a lot of the issues stems from a co-chair having a developmental disability. I can tell you the non-concrit, purely hate posts from non attendees looks pretty awful.

"My Little Pony" is apparently trending on Twitter, and this article was at the top. Took me a minute to figure out it was because of the hashtag conflict.

RT The city says the word 'mark' is meant to reference a space for an elector to indicate their voting preference. As in, to mark one's ballot.

Important thread about . Lots of problems with this convention; some I can attest to personally. Really hope there might be another My Little Pony convention in Phoenix, given new leadership, but they'll need to take the feedback they've received seriously.

RT [Twitter thread]

Here at . Just hanging out in the hotel lobby until registration and opening ceremony.

Spent some time at Joshua Tree National Park before heading to . Got there later than expected due to traffic though, so here's my best attempt at a picture of a Joshua tree in the moonlight.

Getting caught up with . This is one of my favorite moments so far (from "The Game is Ahoof"). All sass with no words.

Whoops, I was supposed to catch up with My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale before the next episodes of Make Your Mark drop.

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