@natecull Remember when meeting a rando off the Internet was the absolutely most stupid thing you could do?

Nowadays they drive us to the supermarket.

An unicorn is a, mythical kind of horse (very real and pretty horse)

#ondergrondtips #addiction

Even though mastodon isn't hoarding your data and selling your attention to advertisers and dictating your experience with algorithms, the dopamine hit of posts and notifications is *still* addictive.

Toot responsibly, take breaks, turn your phone off now and then, make time for other things...

This is also a self reminder

the problem with using a VPN is that like, 70% of them have done something heinous that makes me not trust them, but i can't remember which 70%

like i hear the name of a VPN service and try to run it against the list of "never trust again" VPN services in my head but it got too long and my brain just threw out the whole thing

Really, I just long to return to the open grasslands where life has always made sense . also swiping left and right is hard with hooves

Yo fuck gulag jokes all my homies hate gulag jokes

No cop apologia on my timeline please

So basically the "Internet meme face" art style is literally warning us all that we have produced something toxic and should stay away from it for thousands of years


The Filament Of This Antique Light Bulb Is Shaped Like Flowers


@craigmaloney I *so* wish they would do it. So that everyone could see just how quickly people converge on new ways to connect with each other, and it would be obvious that Facebook was nothing but an intrusive happenstance intermediary.

referenced: (Terran horribleness, aupol) 

The laws of a nation, commendable though they may be, are specific to that nation. The laws of math and physics apply without regard to territorial borders.

Advice for left wing firearm buyers 

AKs overrated. Your fetishizing guns for their history is leading you to buy objectively worse firearms. Better guns include:
- galil
- ar15

If you still want an ak for its history go buy an SKS instead.

@craigmaloney In the annual Welsh marathon Man vs Horse, man does better on really hot days.

Also, the horses get rests, and I think that's cheating. Been thinking on this for months.


In a marathon an animal would get bored and go in some other direction, but humans are used to long, repetitive tasks so it comes naturally to us!

USPOL, RBG, Your Cynicism 

You cannot expect to do good without acting inside the system to triage, and working without the system to force change.

Both of these things matter.

Exercising your right to vote doesn't mean you are supporting the system, it means you are manipulating as best you can from within.

Do it.

Exercising your right to protest, and force change by holding politico's feet to the fire? Just as important.

At this point if you are of the belief that not voting is a good idea, you are either a manipulated fool, or a mouthpiece trying to disenfranchise others.

Get over your ego, and go do both.

I'm not asking you to even like it. But know how you are leveraged, and maximize your free will.

Soft, warm unicorn muzzles. Mane and tail so silky and lush you feel wrapped up in billowing coolness at the slightest brush or tease. Horn that's coated with electrostatic fuzz like an old TV screen in standby.

Sure, my head knows that this is just a glamour whose domain is textures and tactility, but I don't want to sense the reality behind it

uspol, coronaposting (-) 

more Americans would be alive right now if our response had been run by the Waffle House instead of the White House

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Β«We cannot have a society in which, if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is if it's financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them.Β»

β€” Jaron Lanier

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