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@jk The more you learn, the less you realise you truly know. Welcome to wisdom. It only gets more confusing.

Galarian Ponytas have the best legwarmers ever. Flashdance art when

If anyone tries to tell you rent forgiveness or rent strike is extreme or radical in these times just show them this:

U.S. Retailers Plan to Stop Paying Rent to Offset Virus Closures


Need some calming ambient music?

Free Floating Music has their entire catalog up on Bandcamp. Even better, the discography is $.50 for arguably some of the finest ambient music around.

Dare I say it's also Creative Commons Licensed? (BY-NC-ND). Perfect for ambient streams and meditation.


#ccmusic #bandcamp #music


🎼 When can we go back to Equestria? 🦄

🍬 Anytime we want. Do you want to leave so soon? 🍬

Most of us are undergoing a lot of stress right now. People under stress can be short-tempered and impatient and can lash out. Try to be patient, empathetic, sympathetic, and avoid causing more stress or irritate or antagonize.

Try to be extra clear in your own communication, and ask others to clarify if they're not unambiguous. Be explicit about your feelings and expectations.

If you make a mistake, apologize.

Are there any comic books or other graphical novels on Terry Thompson’s animals from Zanesville? Specifically looking for something told from the animals’ perspective, but anything is ok.

If you don’t already know the story, don’t look it up: it will make your day sad.

Bad places for project documentation:

* blog posts
* mailing list archives, public
* mailing list archives, private
* private emails
* chat logs
* commit messages
* closed tickets
* open tickets
* letters to the editor, published
* letters to the editor, unpublished
* people's heads
* cave paintings
* DNA of custom bacteria
* interstellar probes
* value of pi


@Gargron I'm actually against gravity. A group of friends and I are fighting for the abolishment of this form of opression against the floor. It's time to take action now.

Gotta be honest I thought the #flattenTheCurve hashtag was something Flat Earth related


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