🎼 Today I learned that the "horny" tag means being in heat but for other species 🦄

🍬 Lyra!!! Why would you post that? Have you never talked to @sunbutt before? 🅱️

My Hooves go pedal pedal on the bicycle
So basically? Look out

🍬Today we learned that it is no longer called Japanese 🍬

🎼 Seriously, who gave us the outdated tour guides?????? 🦄

🎼 I had a dream that stole the Elements of Harmony and then used the Elements to destroy the Elements. I wish I was back in Equestria so Princess @Luna could moderate my dreams. 🦄

Bonehead sounds like an insult made up by a squid

This is the most amazing website I've ever seen. Learn how a synthesizer works: learningsynths.ableton.com

🎼 I'll go ask @mare to see if she thinks one (or both) of our Princesses would be a good fit for her server 🦄

🅱️ But why? They already have accounts here. Princess @Celestia even has two! 🍬

🎼 What about Princess @Luna? 🦄

:b: She only ever checks once every other , if that🍬

🎼 I wonder if we should set up an account for one of our princesses on mares.cafe 🦄

🍬 They both already have accounts here, why? 🍬

Fix something small that gets in your way. Sew on a button, clean a grimy keyboard.

It isn't fair for devs to have to make political decisions in public and inevitably be harassed by users no matter which decision they make.

Some app devs chose to block/others didn't.
All instance blocks can be implemented by admins anyway so no one loses blocking abilities.

Harassment of devs on this issue no matter which side they take is unfair and could lead to devs not partaking as fully in public discussions.

Being a dev is not intrinsically political.


The ICO slammed the Real Time Bidding of modern Adtech.

Summary: "Y'all literally ignored every single part of the GDPR"

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