Dear Princess @Celestia,

This species has a weird winter holiday schedule.

First, they celebrate when it should be . Four days later, they finally celebrate Hearthswarming. A quarter moon cycle after that is when they celebrate the new year.

Would you like me to explain Equestria’s holiday schedule or would you like to do so?


To @lyrabon (specifically Agent Bon-Bon):

We would be happy to explain the complexities of Equestrian holiday scheduling.

Most of uses the Summer Sun Celebration as the start of the new year. However, there are traditionalist towns that kept Hearthswarming as the yearly transition.

Most other holidays have dates that depend on local customs. More on that later.

Equestrian holidays 

For example, does not celebrate a Running of the Leaves so our Nightmare Night is earlier than in where is between and Hearthswarming.

Some communities combine Winter Wrap-Up with the Spring Balance Festival while others wrap up winter early and have separate celebrations.

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