Dear Princess @Celestia,

Can you ask your department if there is a way to get an XXL earth pony to migrate to for a few seasons? We can massively improve the life of a with some time in the company of Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Does bringing him through require a escort because he’s an earth ? Can he physically fit, as he is roughly your size? Does transportation work on ponies with a Y ?

— Agent 🅱️

My little @lyrabon,

Our immigration specialists have determined:
1. He is welcome here. If the standard forms do not let him in, we may use our position as the princess to approve his passage.
2. They don't think a pony with a Y chromosome can make the transport. Perhaps he could be gelded, but that seems unacceptable since there is no guarantee that it will work.

Yours truly,
Princess Celestia

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