The US state of Nebraska has declared Queen Elizabeth II an admiral, and commands that "all officers, seamen, tadpoles and goldfish under [her] command... observe the rules of the Great Navy of Nebraska."

Nebraska has no navy, coastline, or indeed, any major lakes.

Users vs programmers 

when a cat meows, you:

friday #mentalhealth tipp:
if you appreciate what people do: tell them, thank them, buy them a drink or something. You don't know what happens in their head but an unexpected friendly gesture can literally completely brighten someones dark day and it does not hurt you to do at all.

#benicertoeachother #bettertogether

"Palantir" would be a pretty good name for a data mining and visualisation service which looks initially like it would give you serious strategic actionable information but in fact has already been subverted by the forces of evil so that the more that you rely on its data feed, the more your knowledge of the world will be warped by its underlying misrepresentations causing you to make vast strategic blunders.

> Don't trust this list; many of these entries are fanciful and never found outside of word lists.
โ€ฆ XD


Looking for some horror stories (<30k words) where the *author* is (or is assumed/implied to be) at least one of the following:
A) the eldritch abomination
B) the reason the protagonist(s) feel they lost their free will or have memory gaps
No strong preference as to whether the protagonists are equine or human.


and here we come to the important point: his notional 100 billion isn't a big pile of gold coins he's sitting on like a bald creepy dragon, it's a measure of his control over the means of production, the size of the pie-slice of the global surplus value of alienated labour that goes to him. he's not 'hoarding' it, and you can't take it away and distribute it. what you can do is make it vanish by toppling the system that makes it meaningful

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@lyliawisteria @natecull ๐ŸฌWe have a saying in Equestria: knowledge is only lost once ponies stop copying it ๐Ÿฌ

@natecull #3 is probably the most effective way to make me complacent about being surveilled, if i know i am able to access the information later and use it to my own convenience in ways i could never remember on my own

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