Today marks the solemn occasion in the USA history where we brace ourselves for that time of year that makes grown folks weep and renders polite conversation impossible.

I'm talking about ...

Christmas Music


🍬 That would be the responsibility of the mares in black or, now that she has returned from exile, Princess Luna (she's the pony who set up the security perimeter around the Forbidden Library). 🍬

🍬 Can some of you join me in reminding Lyra not to listen to the album _Ginger and Ketamine_ when she's having a bad day? It always makes the day even worse. Thanks, :b:

@fribbledom 🍬 Two of those curved 49" displays to take advantage of the fact that horse eyes are on the sides of my head. 180-degree wraparound monitor! 🍬

Assuming you had the space for it and you could freely choose, what display arrangement would you rather go for?

What's your dream setup?

Hey! I'm trying to see something, so please boost this!
If you're bilingual (*fluent* in two languages and speak both on a regular basis), please answer this poll!! (it's multiple choice)
*in the third option, I mean the level of someone who only speaks one language at a native speaker's level
**in the fourth option, I mean you feel as if you can't hold up to standards of a native speaker's level and it makes you feel out of place, eg. in groups of native speakers, at work etc.

@Polychrome @amcooper @craigmaloney

🍬 Tree-Style Tab is an extension. Its tab listing goes in the same panel that contains history, bookmarks, and synced tabs. You have to edit a user chrome CSS file to turn off the top tab bar. 🍬

@fribbledom 🍬 More relevant to our conversation, we do have many more tabs open in the Fox than Chromium because of Chrome's prior RAM-hungry reputation. However, we also use Auto Tab Discard to unload all the tabs that are not in active use. 🍬

@fribbledom 🍬 This new ESR Firefox likes to crash the tab wherever any audio attempts to be played. We're horses and unsure whether it is a Firefox bug or if one of its dependencies didn't build correctly on ARM or if something in the stack is allergic to JACK. Chromium doesn't complain. 🍬

🍬 Today is and, as always, Lyra isn't taking it too well. The humans celebrate a feast to the goddess of music, Saint Cecelia, tomorrow. 🍬

@craigmaloney @amcooper
🍬 Tree-style tabs on the right side are the whole reason we still use the Fox as our main browser. Somehow, it has surpassed Chromium in RAM usage. 🍬


🍬 isn't hard enough on . Also, since when has Firefox used significantly more RAM than Chromium? 🍬

via @zoe I think but I couldn't find the original post there


- discord can delete your account at any time for any reason, cutting you off from all of your servers
- discord will lock out your account and force you to enter in a phone number at their discretion/use of vpns
- discord may even demand to talk to you on the phone if you use vpns/tor
- discord regularly reads private dms or private servers to determine account deletion
- messages are not E2E encrypted and there will always be an unencrypted copy stored on their servers
- discord can provide messages to any third party they wish at any time, such as governments or companies without any legal obligation or requirement to let you know
- messages are not deleted when the account is deleted
- discord decrypts voice chats in flight, who knows what they're doing with it, they could have saved every single vc and there's nothing you can do about it:
- discord's app is proprietary so there's no idea of what it could be monitoring on your computer
- discord silently tracks all your activity by default: This probably includes any actions in discord, but also usage patterns like connection times and IP addresses

TLDR: if you oppose censorship, value privacy, or don't want to be datamined out the ass then don't use discord

XMPP is an open-source protocol that supports E2E encryption, offline messages, file uploads, video and audio chats, and more. There are hundreds of clients for all different devices, so if you don't like one then you can always try another. With any of these apps, make sure to enable OMEMO encryption, normally its just a lock icon that you can enable.

A couple of recommendations to get you started:

- Siskin:
- ChatSecure:
- Monal:

- Conversations: Xabber:

- Siskin (iOS/Mac):
- Monal (iOS/Mac):
- Gajim (Windows/Linux):
- Dino (Linux):

Pokékitty being lewd? Say it ain't so. (But that's exactly what's going on) 

@raikou 🎼 Bon-Bon reminded me that we are in a monogamous relationship, so I cannot pretend to be your rapidash. 🦄

disney, copyright 

I'm increasingly convinced that Disney is one of the companies that has done most harm in the world. Their harm is not economic or ecological, as in most cases, but cultural. Whenever Mickey Mouse would run out of copyright, they use their considerable power to make sure copyright terms are extended in the US – and because of US power, elsewhere in the world. This has robbed us a hundred years of culture that should be in public domain but instead is inaccessible and forgotten.

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