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Happy solstice to all of my friends who celebrate it!

you, believing that all animals are dogs: Haha, furries with sweaty fur? Makes no sense!

me, wise and knowing that all animals are horses: *lathers profusely*


Also, as an non-American, much American cultural and business communication also feels super fake and fraud-y to me. Everyone rating each other 10/10 (and behind the scenes, getting fired if they get less than 9/10). Yikes! That's not real and it makes me not like that culture.


... other than that, as a human, when I see a pattern of what looks like exaggerated and artificial positive kudos-giving, that immediately makes me 'nope' hard out of that scene. It smells fake and fraud-y to me.

Much political activism and cheerleading right now, on both sides of the liberal-conservative divide, gives me this 'nope!' feeling. It's got a super aggressive and gaming-the-system-for-points feeling.

1997: With enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.

2021: With enough eyeballs, all human relationships are shallow.

Here's how 1-800 numbers work:

You buy one from your telco. The 800 number automatically forwards to one or more not-toll free numbers (rotary hunting) when someone calls them.

Thing about toll-free numbers is, the person who bought the 800 has to pay for each and every call that completes to it.

I got another one of those "you have not contacted us regarding mechanical coverage on your vehicle" snail mail spams today.

The phone number is 1-833-330-5439

It's toll free in the United States.

It would really, really suck if a whole bunch of people called it nine or ten times and hung up on them.

self-referential cutie mark
self-contradicting cutie mark
raw infohazard cutie mark
decompression bomb cutie mark

To prove you're not a robot, please select all images in the following set which contain, in realtime and in this order,

* Traffic lights
* An oncoming car
* A sidewalk
* A fruit stand
* Hilariously scattering bystanders
* A shopper dropping a grocery bag with a single stick of celery poking out
* A police pursuit car
* An experimental Air Force helicopter
* A Silicon Valley billionaire holding a man-portable rocket launcher
* Buckaroo Banzai
* An interdimensional portal
* Xen
* The G-Man

This is the Evergreen of the internet and I hope it lasts as long as we have as much fun with it

Chromium microphone permissions (please boost wide & far until I have many answers) 

How do I tell Chrome to allow microphone access on * instead of each subdomain requiring separate permissions?
Having to approve a separate permissions pop-up for,,, etc… is downright unacceptable.

If "use Firefox" is in your suggestion, you better have a ready-made solution for my Firefox tabs crashing the moment I ask them to play audio.


War makes people stupid because the fight/flight reflex takes over everything, and the whole of the Internet Economy is starting to feel more and more like a war right now. And we don't even really know who are the warring sides, just that there *are* sides, more than one of them, and that you don't want to be seen publically have been "on the wrong side" (of any issue) whenever the smoke clears.

So people just shoot their mouths off and keep shooting and hope they hit something.

.hg realizing that Mint Green And Sweet Cream is totally the Lyra and Bon Bon color scheme

Having a solution is the smallest step. Turning it into an accepted and widely supported solution - that takes three things. Persistence, Patience and accepting to not be credited. Ideas are bigger than people. Be a catalyst, not a hero.

"It's important to tip well" and "tipping shouldn't be necessary in the first place" can both be valid statements at once.

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