Mildly Suggestive (Featureless breasts + groin) 

D'aww, the awkward blush as she sheds.

Mmm, time to get up, do a few chores and lounge about.

The clean install on Windows went well, feels wonderful not to have games lagging and stuttering anymore.
Avoid the Windows 11 22H2 update for now, it's got a few issues..

Alright, been working on reinstalling my stuff for a while, time to crash.

Should've been done sooner, but I messed up and got rid of a local copy of a folder, and have to pull it from my server.


Got some time with this cute widdle filly tomorrow, is looking forward to it~

Been a busy morning. Fixed two issues with my cross-poster.

The first was if more than one new post was found, it cross-posted them from newest to oldest. That was a surprising pain to fix in Node RED.

The second was I realized if the last recorded source post was deleted , the cross-poster would think everything was new. It now saves each post id in the db, and it'll stop when it finds a previously saved post.
This bug was discovered before it became a problem as I was doing logic checks~

Suggestive Fluttershy 

Fluttershy has been a firm favorite since I first saw her. And teranen did a wonderful job on this piece.

Say hello to the glorious mess!

This keeps an eye on my posts on mastodon, and cross-posts them to discord.

It's been made to be flexible enough to add different things to watch down the line if need be, as well as to have other locations to post to added on in the future.

Why Node-RED? Because it's handy to make things quickly in comparison to other things (for me) currently.

I made one small mistake while wrapping up on some work with node-red, and proceed to smack Discord's API around 2,500 odd times in ten seconds >.<

Suggestive themes 

4 hours sleep, blarg...
Can across this in discord though, love what some people do with FFXIV. Need to get back into that.

I have an alarm set that's less than 6 hours away.

And I'm still procrastinating with going to bed.

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