Looks like I’m still @VyletPony@twitter.com ‘s #1 fan on Spotify - top 0.005% listeners 😂

And followed by @replacer808@twitter.com @4everfreebrony@twitter.com @TurquoiseSplash@twitter.com and @ForestRainMusic@twitter.com 🥰

You can tell I’m a brony just from my Spotify 😆💚

Looks like @Okopod@twitter.com is gonna lose their smolness - they're currently ranked the least smol (how am I smol'er than the smol yellow pegafloof???) 😆

Guess they're gonna have to become the big yellow pegafloof now 😂

RT @Zugatti69@twitter.com

Who is the shortest?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Zugatti69/status/1


RT @scrimmypone@twitter.com

So it looks like me and @okopod@twitter.com are tied in @Zugatti69@twitter.com ‘s poll right now for smolness between 4 people

Time for a tiebreaker 😂

Who’s the smolest? 😆

🐦🔗: twitter.com/scrimmypone/status

Here’s @Zugatti69@twitter.com ‘s poll at the time I posted this xD

So I saw 2 DM notifs - all in the “message requests”, I was expecting both to be spam due to my previous post, but one of them happened to be a wonderful surprise :)

Thank youuu so much @redponycyaneyes@twitter.com for this cute gift art of my batto 🥰😍💚

Great programmers is how you end up with C.

Great people is how you end up with Rust.

Not a surprise, but still disappointing. Canada makes copyright term extension official. Term extended to life + 70 years as of December 30th.
New works entering the public domain lost for a generation.

The newest baseball team on the scene, the Equestrian Quails!

BRUH - I can’t believe they responded to a post calling this kind of thing out, these ones are surely bots 😂😂😂

I wonder how many people actually commission those “digital artists” / “graphics designers” that randomly DM you or reply to your posts and beg you to commission them

They all usually seem to have the same generic art style, and often high prices compared to actual fandom artist

Electronic mail is so confusing. Why do I need to choose a provider and how do I get even decide? And once I have an address, how do I find my friends’ addresses and send them letters? Will I only be able to send letters to people using the same provider?

@scrimmy @MintyRoot
Yeah, I'm sticking to Mastodon too, honestly people seem to be a lot more active here, it's a lot more user friendly then Twitter, and like you despite having approx 5x the following on Twitter, I pull at the very least half the interaction on the same posts, same with the Rave account, interaction here is wayyyyy better, so I might as well stick to here xD

Woah, @Flixanoa@twitter.com 's shitpost video has gained 200 views in the past hour, it really is gonna go viral - I woke up like an hour ago and it was at 1.1k, now at 1.3k views

See it while you can 😂 (link in replies)

@scrimmy I think we should warn more often that deleting your twitter account frees your twitter handle and scammers can then take the opportunity. If you want to leave twitter there are services to delete/clean everything: https://semiphemeral.com/

Doing a bit of an experiment. Boost if you agree!

Trans rights are human rights.

Black lives matter.

No human is illegal.

Love is love.

Her body is her choice.

Science is real.

Kindness is everything.

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