aaand it's done! the whole set is here:

took me a while to come up with diff names, but i settled on calling the sv diffs "alpaca cart-a/b/c" from easiest to hardest, mirroring the light/medium/hard attack buttons :)

you can get a feel for the svs in the video where i play through alpaca cart-b!

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finished the easier diff today, and also remade a lot of the original diff. so tired of charting but it's finally complete to a degree i'm happy with

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making good progress on an easier diff for tfh's menu theme. i think i will remake parts of the original diff too, don't like how it plays

playing more , i feel like i'm getting better at blocking and that's what lets me win matches against stronger opponents :ponethinking:

played in a beginner tourney today, was really fun! somehow even won one of the match-ups lol

i must say i love the poneblob emotes here so much :ponehearteyes: they are my favorite ones by far. just wish there were more expressions to choose from :ponewink:

ah, due to an unfortunate delay seems like i'll need to wait a bit longer :ponepensive: that's okay though, i appreciate the crafter striving to make the best plushies they can :poneinnocent:

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tip if you don't want to see nsfw accounts: you can mute them, then they will disappear from searches, local timeline, etc. very handy :) also works for spammy bots.

also as far as i understand all nsfw posts must be marked as such and under cw on this instance. ( @C_Chell correct me if i'm wrong.) please make it clear in cw because cw is used a lot for other things too on mastodon!

crafter said 4 days until new plushie is done.. can't wait! :ponescream: :poneflushed:

if you're thinking about setting up automatic cross-posting from twitter to mastodon: the users you mention end up looking like, which isn't highlighted or clickable. :ponepensive: so if you're mentioning someone, it's better to post manually in mastodon, and use the mastodon handles :twilightsmile: if the user has a mastodon account of course

did a bunch more today. slowly getting the hang of it. so glad i have experienced friends more than willing to answer all my noob questions and practice with me :twilightsmile:

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Tip 1: Use hashtags. There's no algorithm to suggest followers or shove posts into your feed in the hopes you follow someone.

Tip 2: Boost (re-post) toots liberally. *You* are the algorithm.

Tip 3: Use CW (content warnings / content wrappers) to discuss politics, the meta.

Tip 4: To create "threads", make the first post public and each reply "unlisted" to prevent clogging up your instance's feed.

Tip 5: Provide text descriptions, even just basic ones, when attaching photos or media.

Tip 6: Use the "report" features for moderating trolls so your admins can take action.

i'm not following anyone here yet because i'm just hanging out in the local timeline, but wow has it sped up in the past few days! great to see so many joining :)

went into the online lobby for the first time. matched with a few ppl, got beaten almost every match, but also won a few times. was pretty fun

finished the first draft of the chart. still cannot get the menu theme out of my head though, way too catchy for some reason

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a friend gifted me recently, so i've been trying to get into it. rather challenging for me as someone with no prior fighting game experience, but also fun

the main menu theme is so good though. instantly got an idea for an evil SV chart in . started charting a bit today, looks like it's working out well :poneflushed:

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