g'afternoon ponies!! im winding down after a loong day, last week before holidays atleast!! :flutteryay:
how are yall?

$5 relaxing YCHs! decided after yall voted for something 'random and cute' for this months ychs :D
comment or dm to claim a slot! :>

A gentle reminder to folks who are new to Mastodon. In solidarity with those in the disabled community who rely on screen readers, we ask that you:

* Add alt text/image descriptions when you post media
* Capitalize the first letter of every word in a hashtag #LikeThis
* Avoid emojis in your display name

UPDATE: So many great questions! Please check the replies to see if your question has been asked and answered ❤️

#StrongerTogether #Accessibility #AltText #Disability #Solidarity #FediTips

would yall like to see painted, cell shaded, or both as shading options on those upcoming ychs?

aaand another one done!! one more than the ive done the whole casts' final ref sheets! :flutteryay:

Boost this toot if you're planning on sticking around Mastodon whether or not it becomes more popular than the birdsite.

heres the rest of them that are done for anyone curious!
all 7 of the main cast have concept art, this is just the last round of fine-tuning they're going through, and to make sure the final designs are suitable for animation.
also having a focus on making their body types diverse :>

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finished another animation ref sheet for one of the main characters of MLP:FAW! thats 4/7 of the main cast done :>
im also working on scripting the pilot rn! :flutteryay:

If you use I can recommend turning this option in settings -> timeline on

yall voted on something random & cute (same vote on twitter!) so here's some sketch wips!
let me know what you al, think :D if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment too :twilightsmile:

yall voted on something random & cute (same vote on twitter!) so here's some sketch wips!
let me know what you al, think :D if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment too :twilightsmile:

what should my November YCHs be? :0
they'll ofc be for ponies!

tried to restyle my izzy's mane! it's not perfect and im thinking of going over it again, but it def looks better then before :twilightsmile:

anyone know how to view alt-text on images here? ive put some on my images but have no idea how to see them once theyre posted :twilightblush:

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