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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the equestria.social moderators.

  1. Illegal content under French and European law (Including off-site links) is not permitted. You are legally responsible for the content that you post.
  2. Hate speech is not allowed. This includes racism, xenophobia, LGBTphobia, queerphobia, fatphobia, etc...
  3. Be pony-like ! Don't harass others, and don't encourage it.
  4. To keep the timeline easy-to-read, don't post spam messages or excessively shitpost.
  5. User accounts may not be used solely for advertising. You can still register as a brony/furry convention or meet-up.
  6. If you would like to create a bot account, please contact a moderator. Also, these accounts are not allowed to interact with users unless directly mentioned.
  7. You may not use a disposable mail service to create an account.
  8. Anything that depicts nudity, pornography, or anything not suitable for minors must use a content warning label. Sexual content depicting minors is forbidden.
  9. Impersonation is prohibited. Parody accounts must state that they are.
  10. If you post someone else's content (Such as fanart), please credit the original creator.
  11. Inciting danger is prohibited. This applies (but not limited) to finance and health, for example. Cryptocurrencies are included in this ban.
  12. Promoting organizations or ideologies that go against our rules is prohibited. For example, you can't promote a political party that incites hatred or harassment. In case it's not already clear: If you're far-right, you'll save time by registering elsewhere.
  13. Multi-accounts are allowed as long as they are not used to circumvent a sanction or a user block. When creating a new account, please enter the name of your main account (to help moderation).